Streamlining Procurement Integrity with 3 Way Matching


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Accounts Payable (A/P) 3-way matching is a fundamental process in financial accounting, especially in industries with complex supply chains like the apparel industry. This process serves as a cornerstone for effective financial management, ensuring that payments are accurate, justified, and fraud-free. This article will explain the concept of A/P 3-way matching, its benefits, and illustrate its application using an example from the apparel industry.

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Understanding A/P 3-Way Match

The A/P 3-way matching process involves comparing three key documents:

Purchase Order (PO): This is the initial document generated when a company orders goods or services. It outlines the types, quantities, and prices of items ordered.
Receiving Report: This document is created upon the receipt of the goods or services. It confirms what was actually delivered.
Invoice: Sent by the supplier, the invoice requests payment for the goods or services provided, detailing the cost and terms of payment.

The Process

The 3-way matching process begins when the invoice is received. Accounts payable teams compare the invoice against the PO and the receiving report. The goal is to ensure that the invoice accurately reflects what was ordered and what was received before making a payment. This comparison helps to verify the following:

  • The quantities on the invoice match those on the PO and the receiving report.
  • The price per unit on the invoice is the same as that on the PO.
  • The total amount on the invoice tallies with the quantities received and the per-unit prices.
  • Benefits of A/P 3-Way Matching

    Prevents Overpayments: It ensures that the company only pays for what was ordered and received.
    Detects Errors and Fraud: Mismatches can indicate data entry errors, delivery shortfalls, or even fraudulent activities.
    Improves Vendor Relationships: Accurate payments foster trust and reliability with suppliers.
    Enhances Internal Controls: It provides a systematic check and balance to prevent financial irregularities.
    Compliance and Audit Trails: A/P 3-way matching supports regulatory compliance and simplifies audit processes by maintaining clear records of transactions.

    Application in the Apparel Industry Example

    Consider an apparel company, “Fashion Forward,” ordering 1000 units of cotton fabric from a supplier, “Textile Co.”

    Purchase Order: Fashion Forward generates a PO for 1000 units of cotton fabric at $5 per unit.
    Receiving Report: Upon delivery, the warehouse team checks the shipment and prepares a report confirming the receipt of 1000 units of cotton fabric.
    Invoice: Textile Co. sends an invoice to Fashion Forward for 1000 units at $5 per unit, totaling $5000.

    The A/P team at Fashion Forward conducts a 3-way match. They verify that the quantities and prices on all three documents align. Once confirmed, they proceed with the payment of $5000 to Textile Co.

    In summary, A/P 3-way matching is a critical control mechanism in accounting, particularly vital in industries like apparel where transactions are frequent and voluminous which gains an additional layer of efficiency and accuracy when automated through software. It safeguards against financial inaccuracies and fraud, thereby ensuring the financial integrity of the business. By implementing a rigorous 3-way match process, companies can maintain strong supplier relationships, uphold internal controls, and ensure compliance with financial regulations.

    Loleen Grenier
    Loleen Grenier is a seasoned professional in the apparel industry with deep experience in wholesale and ecommerce business processes and automation . With a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing apparel businesses, Loleen brings her expertise to drive success in this ever-evolving field.


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