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Kirsty Dunne—Cleanse, Renew, Restore Balance in Your Demand Generation Process

I’m not a movie star or a TV talk show host; I don’t dance with the stars; and the X-factor I thought until recently was another term for the X-chromosome. BUT, I do have something in common with Mario Lopez who is connected with all of these—movies, talk shows, Dancing with the Stars and The X Factor. We benefit from the expertise of renowned fitness coach and celebrity trainer, Kirsty Dunne.

Kirsty, who is the owner of has created a customized fitness and weight loss program for me. It is a 21-day routine that requires discipline and commitment without the bad taste and frustration commonly associated with weight loss diets and exercise regimens. Designed for people like me who are constantly on the go (OTG), the program incorporates a unique approach to health and fitness—cleanse, eat clean and get fit.

B2B Demand Generation—A Diet and Fitness Program that Really Works

One of the reasons I embarked on Kirsty’s OTG3 program is in preparation for an upcoming trip that I am making to Peru. I will be spending close to 2 weeks visiting one of my top “must-see” travel destinations. The tour will include walking the gruelling Inca Trail and hiking up the arduous Huayna Picchu, or “Young Mountain”. I’m also going to be mountain biking in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Needless to say, I cannot do all this on adrenaline alone. I have to be in great shape physically and mentally to take on the challenges of the trip and all that it entails.

I’m only in the first week and I have to say the results of the OTG3 program are quite amazing already. I have great regard for my personal trainer, Neil MacDonald. I feel energetic, revitalized and have a sense of accomplishment. It is the kind of feeling that in our world of B2B demand generation, we need to experience more often. And I believe we can; here’s how…

5 Critical Steps in Successful B2B Demand Generation—How to Find the Right Balance and Achieve Your Goals

1. Detoxify and cleanse

The OTG3 cleansing process is based on restoring the pH balance in our bodies so that the alkaline and acidic levels within our body are optimal. The right pH balance has a very positive impact on your energy levels, digestion, metabolism, weight loss, performance, mental clarity and overall health.

As B2B marketers, we cannot help but keep adding new processes, techniques and tools to the marketing mix. Somewhere along the way, the waters get muddied, imbalance sets in, and we can’t really determine what’s working and what’s not. One way to “detoxify and cleanse” is to start with your leads database and filter true leads and prospects from the pile of mere contacts. Following a good hygiene and maintenance program to cleanse and update your database on a regular basis will ensure that your sales staff is working with quality leads rather than wasting their time on cold or dead contacts on the list. With the many advancements that have been made in gathering and analyzing reports generated through Big Data, there is absolutely no reason why you should not have the ability to access, interpret and utilize this data at your fingertips. As long as you have sound reporting structures in place, your demand generation can remain free from the “toxins” of bad or unproductive leads and lead generation processes.

2. Design a custom-tailored strategy that takes into account your strengths and weaknesses

I suffered an injury that has caused a condition known as supraspinatus tendon or a tear in the shoulder tendon. With any current exercise routine that I undertake, I have to be careful not to cause further damage. Kirsty’s fitness program for me has been created keeping in mind my injury so that I still see the desired results but do not run the risk of damaging my injured shoulder.

This is exactly what we should do as demand generators too but often, we don’t. It is easy to get carried away and latch on to the next best thing without the foresight to think about the consequences. Every organization, no matter how efficient it may be, has some inherent drawbacks and weaknesses. This is not a bad thing as it is only normal. However, when we ignore the critical step of examining new processes and lead generation mechanisms in light of these weaknesses, failure, disappointment and frustration becomes inevitable. Haven’t we seen this happen to so many people who try new fangled diets and off-the-shelf weight loss programs too? And have we not seen just as many B2B organizations fail miserably at demand generation because they ignored their organization’s and brand’s strengths and weaknesses?

3. Revitalize your metabolism and trim the fat.

There is no point in complaining about budget cuts and short staffing. Whether we like it or not, we have to become more efficient with available resources within our organization. No matter how “sexy” a new program may be, simple living and a healthy diet is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Just like I am trying to do with the OTG3 cleanse juices and personal fitness program. By simplifying work processes rather than adding more layers and complexity, it is definitely possible to achieve better results in your lead generation and demand generation efforts.

Take the time to review technology, especially online technologies, social tools and marketing automation products. Assess whether each of these is contributing to or hindering growth. Learn from mistakes of the past and ensure that it is your process that is driving your go-to-market strategy, not technology.

4. Cut the vices

Just like smoking, drinking alcohol excessively and binging on rich foods is bad for your health, spike marketing is injurious to the health of your organization. Rather than indulge in bad habits like this, aim to replace one-off demand generation programs with consistent strategies that deliver measurable results.

5. Monitor performance, measure results

We keep running…aimlessly…managing our demand generation programs by the seat of our pants…and then we are exhausted! That does not work. On my 21 day weight loss program with OTG3, I am required to watch what I am eating and drinking, consume the daily fresh juices that are rich in vital fruits and vegetables that give me the nutrition I need, and follow a fitness routine that measures my weight loss every day. Kirsty Dunne follows up with me daily on my diet while on the program. If we are even half as disciplined in our B2B demand generation programs where monitoring and measurement were always integral to the overall strategy and planning process, we are bound to see great results that we can be proud of.

In conclusion I’ll say, I’m certainly “losing it” on the go…just the excess weight and the toxins in my body. My sanity and overall sense of wellness on the other hand, have never been in better form. AND I can’t wait to see the final result after 21 days before I go on that trip of a lifetime to Peru.

What processes does your B2B organization have in place to instil discipline within the demand generation and lead generation teams? Please email or call me, Louis Foong, at (905) 709-3827.

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