Is It Time To Play The Trump Card Of Social Media


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We Cannot Do Without Internet And Social Networking

Internet has emerged as a major influence on the lives of people all over the world. No doubt, most of us log on to our favorite social networking site as and when we get up in the morning. Neither our personal nor our personal lives are complete without the use of Internet. Not only has this marvel of technology taken away our tensions, but has also added the much needed ease to our lives. In addition, the use of the Internet has also introduced significant changes in the area of customer care. A few years back a customer could do little to help himself. Whenever a customer had a query or concern, he dialed an emergency number to communicate his grievances. Although the issues of the customers were addressed sooner or later, often the customers had to wait for their turn.

The advent of social networking has enabled the integration of conventional customer support channels and modern social media services. Undoubtedly, the social activities of people have undergone a tremendous change with the advent of technology and globalization. An individual prefers to use an online social network to stay in touch with his friends and acquaintances. This has led to the creation of social media customer care centers.

How A Customer Perceives Your Service

A contemporary, tech savvy customer makes use of various touch points to get connected with his service provider. At present, a customer prefers to voice his opinion about a particular product or service through the Blog or Facebook page of the company. While a traditional call center only took care of your customer support requirements, a social media support center is capable of handling both social media as well as customer care requirements of your business. It is not unusual for customers to post their inquiry using Internet forums.

Nothing irritates an individual more than negligence. Often, customers become prey to the unintended negligence of companies when their call is put on hold. Moreover, their woes increase when disconnections happen. All this makes them feel that customer services are definitely last on the agenda of their service provider. However, social media has enhanced the convenience of customers. All they need to do is log on to your blog or forum and post their query. In addition, social networks enhance the visibility of your organization. Social media marketing refers to the technique of using social networks for promotion or marketing of a firm or enterprise.

Customers often end up using micro-blogging sites to vent out their frustration about a dis-satisfactory service or product. This goes against the interest of a company because the posts of your customers are visible to thousands of other people. In such a situation, a company needs to be proactive in its approach. Therefore, it is useless to say that an organization must prepare itself against any undesirable situation by utilizing social media strategies in an efficient manner. A responsible employee of a company can search for such posts and address the grievances of the customers diligently. Consequently, the situation can be handled before the things are blown out of proportion. No matter what, customers always appreciate a quick response. Apart from all this, it safeguards your brand against potential damage.

Keeping Pace With Social Media

As a business owner, one should understand that social media can be deployed in customer service. Not only do such platforms allow you to reach out to the customers quickly, but also enable direct interaction with them and gives you an opportunity to offer instant solutions. By all means, these forums are no less than a blessing for organizations that do not mind going the extra mile. After all, it makes your customers understand that someone is listening to them. Always understand that the presence of your company on social networks is important. However, the right use of these networks is more important than anything else. Let us go through some tips that would improve your customer support.

Quick Response: An organization needs to understand that a customer always expects a quick and feasible solution to his problem. Whether an individual calls up a customer service center or posts his query on your company’s blog, he looks for immediate response. This implies that a company should be quick when it comes to handling the complaint of a customer.

Manner of response: Communicate your genuine concern to your customers. Let them know that you care for them more than anything else and would help them in every possible way. Not only would this attitude make your existing customers happy, but would also result in an improvement in your customer base.

Customer follow-up: Keep a track of all the interactions that have taken place between you and the customers. Always check what was done by your team to address the complaint of a customer and whether or not the customer was satisfied by your work.

Social Internet marketing has taken the world by a storm. This is the reason making your presence felt on the web has become more important than your existence in the real world. So, make use of social media to move forward!

Alicia Gray
Alicia Gray is an BPO and outsourcing industry analyst, and writes about technology. Currently working with one of the business process outsourcing (BPO) services provider. My role has been instrumental in assisting businesses to choose the right BPO Services.