How Coronavirus Is Creating A Huge, Stressful Experiment In Work From Home Culture


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How Coronavirus Is Creating A Huge, Stressful Experiment In Work From Home Culture

The effects of Coronavirus are more than what we see. This is not just about the health and lives of people, it has created more damage than a lot of things that the world has experienced.

More than lives, it has taken away the sources of income for many people. Even though work from home culture is helping a lot of IT and other businesses there are some who are still not able to cope up.

There are a lot of experiments happening to work from home and it is becoming really stressful. When the economy is collapsing and it is the only way for a lot of companies to survive.

So, to be able to keep working and staying away from stress and be efficient in this hard time, enterprises need to buckle up.

They have to make choices and stick to them. There are many ways that software development company can choose to work from home.

Let’s first see what are the things that increase the stress related to working from home and the factors that increase it. Below are some points that will make this clear.

  1. Things that increase the stress related to working from home
  2. Lack Of Basic Structure
  3. Lots Of Distraction
  4. It is Hard To Not Mix Up Work And Leisure Life
  5. Lack Of Social Interaction
  6. Low Concentration

1. Lack Of Basic Structure

There is no fixed structure that employees need to follow while they are working from home. They don’t need to wear specific attire, need to worry about waking up early or going to bed at the time.

There is no one who will be there to check if they are working or just using social media. This all can be liberating for the employees but it can decrease the quality of work done by them and efficiency as well.

This is bad both for the enterprises and for the employee. The enterprise will face delays in work and employees will be slow and will degrade their work quality. This increases stress.

2. Lots Of Distraction

This is obvious, there are a lot of things that keep happening at home. This is a problem for people who are especially living with their families.

They cannot just simply sit inside a room, close the door and forget about everything else. They have to listen to what people in their house want from them, they have to respond as well.

Many employees have children and they have to take care of them. All these increase distractions with results in slowing down the employee.

This is one of the biggest problems related to working from home and it really increases the stress of the employees.

3. It is Hard To Not Mix Up Work And Leisure Life

It is so easy to work from home as there is no continuous surveillance, there is no pressure to be on the desk always and not to do anything else.

This can sometimes be stressful as people might get lazy. Working from home can get to working from the couch and then working from the bed and then sleeping on the bed. This can result in delays and less productivity.

4. Lack Of Social Interaction

When a person is working from home then they are in a way working alone. They have no one to talk to or discuss work or anything else.

This makes them alone and decreases social interaction. That can increase the feeling of being lonely in the employees who stay alone.

This will reduce the efficiency with which they work, which also will affect their mental health that is not good in any way.

The work atmosphere is really important, a mobile app development company makes sure that all the employees work in unison. Staying at different places might decrease that feeling of teamwork.

5. Low Concentration

With distractions and all other stress that are mentioned above, it becomes really hard to concentrate.

People tend to think a lot when they are stressed and stress related to work is even more intense than other things.

It is something that can even make the workers anxious and restless that will be really dangerous for their career.

People working for a mobile app development company or other development company need to focus on their project and it is really hard right now.

Things that manage the stress related to working from home

  1. Fix A Schedule
  2. Stay Connected To Your Team
  3. Keep Yourself Motivated
  4. Say No To Extra Work

1. Fix A Schedule

To stay productive and not to stay on the desk for more time than needed, employees need to fix a schedule.

This will make sure that there is no delay in the work that has to be submitted and the employee can also take out time for other things.

Scheduling has many benefits and is a great remedy to reduce the stress that is related to working from home. Covid19 has already made people very lazy and it is really important to schedule.

2. Stay Connected To Your Team

Staying connected to the team has many benefits. The first benefit is that the employee will not feel like they are working alone.

Another benefit it has is of being able to take help and give it to others when needed. This will also keep the employees aware of what is happening related to a specific project, what is the status of other aspects, and that will keep the workflow smooth.

There will be fewer inconsistencies because the work will be discussed and will be edited at the same point.

For a mobile app development company employee, it is important to stay connected to the team to be able to work efficiently.

3. Keep Yourself Motivated

Reward yourself or do something that you like whenever some goal is achieved or work is completed. This will keep the motivation to work alive.

Working from home means no one can say that you are working really hard and have done a great job as they can’t really see.

That might be demotivating in a way as people in the office are used to get validation very quickly about the work that they do.

Hence, it is important to keep doing things when something is completed so work never gets boring during this coronavirus pandemic.

4. Say No To Extra Work

There might be extra work during this work from home and it is important to say no while working from home during covid19.

This can be pretty hard looking at the fact that it is not considered good to decline a work that your boss asks you to do but, to be able to complete what has already been assigned on time.

Learn to say no to the things that you think will take time and will delay the deadline for the current assignment.


Coronavirus has taken over our lives to a great extent and in order to control the stress, it is important to keep a balance to maintain mental and physical health.

It is unknown when the pandemic will end, thus it is preferable to keep oneself prepared and balanced.

Tarun Nagar
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