Gritty Efforts Improve Your Odds of Success in B2B Sales


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Angela Lee Duckworth recently noted that one of the keys to success is ‘grit’; the determination to stick with it. Invest the hard work that it takes to eventually reap the rewards of exceptional performance.

In B2B sales, ‘grit’ means making contact attempts, every day. Persisting across several ‘touches’ to engage buyers in conversations. On issues buyers care about. Such ‘grit’ is more likely when the rewards of it are clear.

Consider this sales team: they found ways to be ‘grittier’ + saw why it mattered. Their added ‘grit’ paid off. They made more contact attempts. They did so with more daily discipline + persistence. With 1.4 times more ‘grit’, they made 2.5 times more contact attempts, and earned 5.5 times more buyer engagement [including conversations with buyers]. In just 3 weeks.

Notice as the scope of their contact attempts and buyer engagement both improved, the size and ‘heat’ of their grit also increased [the circle got bigger, and hotter]. It’s an example of a ‘virtuous circle’ in which successes in one part of their performance puzzle fed successes in other parts of that same puzzle.


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