Customers Keep Abandoning Shopping Cart Before Checkout? Here’s What You Can do


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For an eCommerce store, there might be nothing more frustrating than high cart abandonment. You’re left wondering if either your payment processor, your products, or your site’s layout might be a cause. Abandonment cart issues can be problematic, and finding the solution is not always easy. However, in many cases, online vendors make some specific mistakes that can complicate the buying process, or make it impossible for their prospective customers to make a transaction.

The good news is that most of these issues can be fixed once they’re identified. Here are some of the possible reasons why your shopping cart being abandoned more than it should, and what you can do about it.

You Don’t Offer Enough Payment Options

A lot of people will be content with offering nothing but Paypal on their websites. This is all fine and well, and Paypal is a great platform, but there are other options out there. Some people might be more familiar with a tool like Skrill for instance. Depending on the market, they might actually expect these alternative options to be there at checkout. This is the case in markets such as the EU for instance, where Skrill is very widespread.

Another thing you should check is if you accept virtual cards. Virtual cards have tons of benefits for vendors but are especially beneficial for a certain category of buyers: those who don’t have access to credit products. These people could have bad credit, or simply not have access to a bank account for a variety of reasons. However, tools like Uulala allows them to bypass banks and make transactions online using a virtual card. So you could possibly be finding yourself missing out on a large portion of your audience by not accepting them.

Cumbersome Checkout Process

When you look at some of these signup forms and checkouts, you’d think that the vendor’s goal was to discourage people from buying their products. You have to make the process as seamless as possible.

If you offer Paypal, offer an express checkout option. Also, give the option to buy as a guest without having to open an account. Having your clients fill in their information before having to pay might be just enough to get them to leave, so think twice before you use this feature simply because you wanted to fill your database.

Aggressive Upselling

The art of the upsell is strong in eCommerce sectors, and some might be overdoing it. While checkout is a great option to sell your customer unto something else that could complement their purchase, you might reconsider if it’s actually worth it.

Getting interrupted by ads while your customers are trying to pay can be very aggravating, and could very well leave a bad enough taste in their mouths for them to leave. So, you’ll have to figure out if the upsell is worth losing a potential paying client. If you absolutely want to upsell, it’s better to follow up and keep a good relationship with them so you can send personalized offers tailor-made for them instead.

Dealing with high cart abandonment rates can be frustrating, but something that can be fixed when you know what needs to be done and follow through. At the end of the day, if you want to improve your conversion rates, your every goal should be to improve your users’ experience and make the process as safe, seamless, and enjoyable as possible.


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