BT : worst customer service this year so far?


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Here’s a note received today from a friend.

To cut a long and tedious story short that has been dragging on through every quarterly bill since last July I had the audacity to tell BT AGAIN on Monday that I didn’t want to be charged twice for my broadband and asked them to delete one of the items on the bill. So ……. they deleted my broadband connection altogether! Three days later, after appointing a very important special agent in the ‘High Level Complaints Office’ to my case I’m reconnected.

The point is though, why do they admit they are so bad at delivering customer service, they have to employ a special team to sweep up after their incompetent call centre staff who promise everything (politely) but deliver nothing. You could clean up here if you can get to Libby Barr, Managing Director Sales and Service. I’ve written to her but I’ll bet I get nothing back but a platitudes-filled standard letter, if that.

Let’s see what happens!

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Guy Arnold
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  1. It is time bt and openreach were broken up as they are the worst company i have ever dealt with ,i phoned them on the 23rd dec as i discovered they had charged me for the last 3 months plus activation fee for bt sport when i have it for free, they admitted it was a mistake at billing but they could not return money as it has been paid so i said you refund the £54 or close the account so after a few minutes on hold he come back and said ihave closed your account and would get a final bill and wished me a merry christmas,ithen asked him when phone and broadband would stop he said in the next hour so been left over christmas with no phone or broadband and i have lost my phone number that i have had with bt for 30years this company is ran by nutters

  2. My move from Sky to BT has been one of the worst mistakes of my consumer life. The customer service has gone from bad to diaboolical. My BT Sport was disconnected on Wednesday and now I have reduced phone service due to an unpaid bill (direct debit went out 23 March) none of the departments seem to talk to each other . The facebook media team can actually not do anything to rescolve issues and only refer you to the BT website where when you make your complaint it can take up to 72 hours for someone to deal with your friends complaint due to volume of complaints! And yes Libby Barr does exist and she has a facebook page I have sent her a message but I am not expecting a reply from her!

  3. i have been trying to cancel my BT account since end of FEB. this has been soooo difficult! iv not even got the box plugged in anymore iv moved companies. I changed to Virgin Meadia and BT sent me a text and letter saying sorry to see you go, but i owe themm over £100 to close my contract early. this contract i dont know about, i thought it was a yr contract, iv been with them for well over one year. BT are rubbish at getting back to me about this ” contract” so i cancelled the direct debt untill i get an answer and BT send me a letter saying THEY have cancelled the i contact BT again and they said this contract has not been cancelled it is still active. even though it has been cancelled for over a month. This Libby Barr can not get back to anyone by the looks of things. BT has promised me so much with this case. and have lied to me so many times. BT are rubbish!

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