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Derek Singleton graduated from Occidental College with a degree in Urban and Environmental Policy in 2010. Shortly after graduating, Derek decided to switch gears and work in the technology field. He's currently an analyst at Software Advice where he covers technology topics and trends related to CRM and ERP. Right now, he focuses most of his efforts on covering B2B marketing topics, particularly those that have a technology bent. He is also working to build and develop a new TV website called CRM SoftwareTV that covers all things CRM.

Four Tips for Improving Your Retargeting Campaigns

Over the last two years at Software Advice, we've experimented extensively with site retargeting--a display advertising method that shows your ads to visitors who...

Five Things VCs Want in a Marketing Exec

Venture capitalists (VCs) are paying more attention to the structure of the marketing teams they invest. Why? Because marketing plays an increasingly influential role...

A Marketing-led Qualification Team Can improve Lead Quality

Marketing and Sales have long been at odds over whether it's better to generate a large volume of leads or if it's better to...

Study Shows a Connection Between Marketing Automation and Marketing Effectiveness

Ever since marketing automation was introduced as a classification of software, it's been sold as a way to increase the overall effectiveness of marketing...

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