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Ben Gilchriest, Ph.D
Ben is focused on Digital Innovation, helping companies get the most from emerging technologies. He identifies breakthrough trends early and then works with leaders to optimize their corporate strategy to take advantage of them. In all cases this begins with understanding customers. He's founded multiple business ventures, and held leadership roles in management consulting and digital transformation programs. Ben regularly work with some of the world's leading academics, thinkers and tech. start-ups to both define these customer trends and develop new ways for companies to adapt to them.

Customers are Embracing Connectedness Faster than you and it’s a Problem

The Next Wave of Connectedness The idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been around since 1999 (ref. Kevin Ashton), though it’s garnered more...

Mobile and closing the gaps in the digital customer experience

We’ve all heard the statistics. Smartphone adoption is above 60% of the population in US and still rising, mobile payments continue to grow at...

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