HubSpot’s brilliant marketing organization structure


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Jonathon Colman, SEO marketer for REI, shared with me a deck he put together for ad:Tech, From an Army of 1 to Agile SEO Teams, which has some great insights on agile marketing. Here’s his deck:

At the end, he included a number of links to other resources on agile marketing (including this blog, thank you!). As I browsed through them, I found a real gem that I hadn’t seen before: Agile for Marketing, a SlideShare deck by the folks at HubSpot.

HubSpot has always been prolific at content marketing — they helped invent the field as one of the foundations of inbound marketing. This deck reveals how they’ve organized their marketing team to thrive using agile marketing. My favorite slide illustrates their team structure, built around the funnel:

HubSpot's Marketing Organization Structure

It’s clean, simple, logical — built from the ground up with the new marketing in mind.

They also have yet another term for marketing technologists: they call the role marketeering (marketing + engineering) to “build stuff (tools, apps, etc.) to support marketing goals.”

Both decks — as well as the rest of Jonathon’s reading list — are highly recommended.


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