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Thanks For Training Me Not To Answer My Phone!

I’ve stopped answering my phone–whether it’s my office, mobile, or home phone, I’ve stopped answering it unless: I recognize the phone number and it’s someone I know. I recognize the caller ID and it’s someone I’m willing to talk with–either someone I know or a company/person that I’m willing to talk with. If for some reason, I’ve gone [...]

How Do We Broaden Our Thinking About Our Deal Strategies?

This morning, I was conducting a deal review with a very experienced sales person.  It was like many other reviews and the sales person was falling into the same trap that I see replicated too many times with too many sales people. This trap is deceptive, seemingly it narrows our focus on what the customer is [...]

Our Customers Are Doing Their Homework

Every three years, I go through the same cycle.  My car lease comes to an end.  Every three years, the same thing happens; about 6 months before the lease end, the dealer(s) start to contact me.  It’s always with an offer, “We can let you out of the lease early and get you into the [...]

Does How You Sell(Market) Represent Your Company Well?

Customer experience is increasingly a key differentiator in acquiring and retaining customers.  But, too often, we look at customer experience in a very narrow way, we think of it as their experience in using our products, after they have purchased them. The customer experience begins begins long before the first purchase a customer makes.  Of course [...]

Playing Sales Enablement “Catch-Up”

This week, I had meetings with a number of sales enablement professionals.  Each came from very large companies with strong commitments to sales enablement.  Each had long experience and sales enablement programs that would be considered “best in class.” In each conversation, they were struggling with similar issues, “How to keep up with the demand for [...]

Buying Process Or Selling Process Or Sales Methodology

Recently, I’ve seen a renewed interest or discussions on Buying Process, Selling Process, Sales Methodology.  Part is driven by an old article of mine, Sales Process or Sales Methodology. There still seems to be a lot of confusion, some thinking we have to focus on one or the other.  And then, unfortunately, there are too many, [...]

What’s Your Bell Curve Look Like?

We tend to think about organizational performance in terms of “bell curves” or some sort of distribution curve.  The typical bell curve looks something like this: The performance of our people is on the X (horizontal) axis, the number of our people is on the Y (vertical) axis.  The bell curve typically has us thinking that [...]

“Old School Prospecting”

I’ve been working with a fascinating new client.  We’ve been looking at how to improve their prospecting results. It’s been a fascinating project, in some sense, I may be learning more from them than they have from me–but they seem excited about the changes we are introducing. First, a little background.  They wouldn’t be offended, but what [...]

If People Buy From People, Why Are We Racing In The Opposite Direction?

In complex B2B buying, I believe the old maxim, “People buy from people,” is still highly relevant.  There’s probably a lot of data that...

Do Customers Really Have A Buying Process?

It’s become common “wisdom” that we have to align align our sales process with our customers’ buying processes.  I write about it constantly, as...

The Power Of “Yes, And…” In Coaching

Too few managers actively coach.  CSO Insights Data indicates the majority of manager spend less than 2 hours a week coaching—total!  Too often, what...

Digital Sales Transformation In A Customer First World

The Digitization Of Business impacts every business and virtually individual in the world.  It’s this and the next decade’s industrial revolution. The digitization of business...

Do Customers Really Want A Frictionless Buying Experience?

It seems to be fashionable to talk about creating “frictionless buying experiences?”  I suppose the concept draws readers, perhaps it’s an extreme expression of...

Is Social Selling Missing The Digital Revolution?

Step back a little more than a century as electricity was being commercialized.  I’m sure in bars and meeting rooms, sales people and marketers...

The Future Of Sales

I have been invited to participate in a discussion on the “Future of Sales,” with a small group of wickedly smart practitioners.  I can’t...

Automating Sales Coaching

The sales automation suppliers are catching onto the idea of leveraging technology for sales coaching.  I’m not a complete dinosaur, I think there is...

The Faces Of Our Customers

Recently, I’ve been trying something new when I meet with clients.  I ask, “When was the last time you visited your customers–in a non...

Think It’s Hard To Sell, It’s Harder To Buy!

One of my biggest weaknesses is my impatience.  I do all sorts of things to control it, or at least mask it.  I sit...

“Amping Up” Your Pipeline Reviews

Managers spend an inordinate amount of time in pipeline reviews.  Largely, I think this is the result of lack of clarity of what they...

What We Get Wrong About Account Based Selling

Account based marketing and selling gets a lot of attention–it should.  There’s huge amounts of data about the cost of acquisition–the cost of growing...

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