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The “Voices In Our Ears”

I have to confess a weakness to spy/thriller movies. They are great Saturday evening fun. On “date night,” I try to encourage my wife we should see one, she usually finds something else . The cool/high tech spies, often, have an earpiece. There is always someone at “control,” telling them what’s happening, advising [...]

Stop Chasing Customers You Can’t Help!

I’m often asked the fastest way to improve sales productivity. The answer is simple and should be obvious, “Stop Chasing Customers/Prospects You Can’t Help!” That statement is likely to elicit a resounding “Dugghhhh!” The reality, however, is that sales people waste too much time chasing customers they can’t help or worst, customers that don’t [...]

Stop Focusing On SAL’s!

SALs (Sales Accepted Leads) and the resultant SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) are the Holy Grail of Marketing and Sales. Everything we do seems focused both on improving the quality and quantity of these. The thinking is if we get the right volume, our pipeline problems go away, we easily make our numbers. There are a lot [...]

AI And Sales, What We Misunderstand

Based on much of the press, much of it created by vendors of AI solutions, AI is the answer to all the problems we have with sales and marketing. We are presented a brave new world where we can engage the right customers, say exactly the right words at the right time, making sure [...]

Sales People/Manager Churn Is Unacceptable!

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been involved in a number of conversations with colleagues and sales execs. Inevitably, we touch on the sad state of affairs on sales talent. The data on churn (voluntary and involuntary) is horrible! Depending on the market data, tenure for managers and sales people is anywhere between 15 [...]

Giving Them The Answers

Let’s conduct a thought experiment. As one might do in experiments, imagine A/B testing. We’ll create an A group and a B group. The people in each group are identical in capabilities, backgrounds, experiences. Both groups are equally skilled and capable. Now we are going to give people a test. It’s around some [...]

“What We Do Is Not Complicated”

There are a few people I follow that always make me think. Andy Paul is one of those. Recently, his newsletter was titled, “What We Do Is Not Complicated.” My knee jerk reaction, was, “Andy, this is one of the few times I really disagree with you!” But because he’s such a smart [...]

What’s The Most Pressing Part Of The Sales Process Today?

Recently, I was having a conversation with a good friend and colleague. He asked me the question, “Dave, what to you think is the biggest problem area for B2B sales people in generating business today?” I’m a little slow, I asked, “George, what do you mean?” He responded, “Well if you look at much of the [...]

The Buyer’s Journey, One Step At A Time

Most sales people focus on the outcome of the deal. They want to get to the close and an order as fast as possible. Managers constantly reinforce this rush to completion in their “coaching conversations,” by asking, “When are we going to get this deal?” or “We need this to close this quarter!” Everything [...]

Transactional Versus Complex Selling

We glibly toss around phrases like “We have a transactional selling process,” or, “Ours is a complex selling process.” Often, there is some preening around those making the latter statement, thinking “Real sales people do complex deals!” Recently, I lurked in a conversation, suddenly realizing, while we glibly talk about these types of selling [...]

Why Are You Calling Now?

This morning, I’m doing work in a rare day in the office. A sales person calls. He’s actually pretty interesting, but I pause him mid-pitch, asking, “What caused you to call me now? Is there something that caused you to think it’s critical for us to talk about the issue this week, [...]

Are You Guilty Of Conducting “Non-Discovery?”

We all know the importance of conducting discovery calls. In principle, a discovery call is to help us learn more about the customer, their needs, problems, dreams, and goals. Once we “discover” these, we can determine whether the customer has a need that we can address, we can assess the urgency and interest the customer [...]

There Are No Secrets In Selling!

I am flattered that Brandon Bornancin wants to interview me for his upcoming book on the secrets to selling. I fear that I may be a little disappointing. When Brandon and his team first asked, my response was, “The real secret is there are no secrets. You have to do the work!” I’ve [...]

When Non-Salespeople Sell

Saturday morning, I was waiting for my appointment to get my haircut. Regina (my hairdresser) had just finished with a lady. As she was paying, the lady asked for a bottle of shampoo. As Regina got the bottle, she also pulled a bottle of something else. She told the customer, “You [...]

Building Your Support System

This is one of those topics I never thought I would have to write about. It’s a subject I assumed was such common sense and common practice that there was no value I could add by writing about it. Turns out, I’m probably a little naive. Right now, I’m involved in at least halve [...]

Starting With A Blank Sheet Of Paper

I’d like to go through a thought experiment. You can play along, take out a sheet of paper or open a blank document. First, as an introduction, our mental models and experience are often great help in understanding our jobs, how we are successful, and how we perform. We all have mental models, our [...]

How “Sales-speak” Limits Us

Every profession has it’s own language. It’s a shorthand that enables people in the profession to more effectively and efficiently communicate with each other and to get things done. For example, finance types talk about debits, credits, accruals, depreciation, assets, liabilities, and so forth. They have their own acronyms like A/R, A/P ROCA, [...]

What’s The Customer Business Problem?

My friend, Tim Ohai, made an interesting statement, “Sadly many sales people have no idea how to identify when no customer problem exists.” I think there is a lot of truth to the statement. Perhaps the reality is that too many sales people aren’t even identifying the customer problem–the customer is. There’s some evidence [...]

The New Value Proposition: Sense Making

As it should, the concept of the value proposition has changed dramatically over decades. When I was taught the concept of a value proposition, back as people were just learning how to shape wheels from stones, it was basically an enhanced version of feature, advantage, benefit (FABs). Over time, the value proposition became a financially justified business [...]

Learning From “Lazy” Salespeople

“Lazy” sales people are among my favorites–let me qualify that. “Lazy” sales people who always make their goals are among my favorites. “Lazy” sales people, or at least those who seem to accomplish a lot with minimum effort have broken the code. They’ve understood exactly what they need to do to achieve their goals. [...]

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