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Compressing Our Customer’s Buying Process

I read a post about influencing and accelerating our customers’ buying decisions. The author thought trying to acclerate or “move in” the buying decision was wrong. I don’t disagree–usually, our motives for trying to do this is getting an order and making out numbers. Toward the end of a month or quarter, managers seem [...]

Focusing On The “Mobilizer” Is Not Enough!

We know in complex B2B buying decisions, there are over 10 people involved in making the decision. There are many others who influence this group, and it only takes 1 person to veto a buying decision. Ideally, we have at least one “Mobilizer,” some one within the buying group that is proactively advocating for our [...]

“The Customer Is Incompetent!”

In the past week, I’ve participated in two reviews where the sales person has made the statement about some individual in the buying group, “So and so is incompetent…..” One wanted to hammer home the fact by saying, “I spoke to a friend selling other products to the same company, he agrees….So and So [...]

Send In The “Bots”

AI, “Bots” and related technologies can do a lot to help improve our effectiveness and efficiency. The technology enables us to unload mundane tasks, both making us more effective and efficient. And, of course, there are those that enable the users to do terrible things. We hear reports, almost daily, of concerted efforts to [...]

“1250 Dials, 50 Conversations, 2 Meetings…..”

I was intrigued watching a LinkedIn video from a prospecting expert. He touted his great results, showed videos of him making prospecting calls. I suppose it was to promote his expertise in prospecting. He was leveraging all the best predictive dialing and software technologies, exploiting his glibness/provocativeness on those conversations he had. [...]

My $500K SDRs

The SDR role is a critical role for many, if not most, organizations. SDRs have the responsibility of generating high quality, hopefully, highly qualified pipeline. When the SDR finds an opportunity, it is usually passed to a sales person to manage through closure. It’s an important job, not just because these people generate a [...]

Getting The Cart Before The Horse, Sales Automation

Technology and automation can enable each of us to be much more efficient, and sometimes more impactful/effective. In our company, we couldn’t achieve what we do without our technology stack. In some ways, it’s an appendage we couldn’t manage to live without. Having said that, it’s not the technology that drives performance. Think about it [...]

Changing The Questions, Manager’s Version

I wrote, Changing The Questions, discussing how our questioning strategies tend to serve us, not help the customer think about their situations, what they are trying to achieve, and what they might learn. Turns out, managers are just as bad in the questions they ask sales people. (Perhaps, that’s why sales people are so bad.) [...]

Driving Better Sales Performance Through Sales Management

Every survey we see continued declines in sales performance–across all industries and across every dimension. In response to these declines, organizations invest millions in technology oriented to helping improve the efficiency of sales people. They invest millions in training, hoping to provide the skills to help sales people. They invest millions in [...]

Key To Great Customer Experience

We know the importance of customer experience. Whether it’s their buying experience or their experience in implementing or using our solutions, customer experience is key to our success. It’s what causes them to buy, repurchase, and recommend. Billions are being invested in customer experience. Whether it’s improving our products and services, improving their [...]

Start With The End In Mind, The Tyranny Of More, Part 2

I wrote, “Tilting The Numbers In Our Favor, The Tyranny Of More.” In that, I suggested we might actually be more effective if we started thinking about how we accomplish our goals by doing less. The basic premise is that to do less and still achieve our goals, we have to do much better. [...]

Tilting The Numbers In Your Favor, The Tyranny Of “More”

I have tremendous empathy for sales people and what they face as they struggle to make their numbers. It seems the mantra is always “do more.” The solution to anemic pipelines is “do more prospecting” (that seems to be the magic solution to every sales problem). Alternatively, it’s “do more emails,” do more [...]

Is Leadership Really About Solving Problems?

All of us, me included, often think a key aspect of leadership is about solving problems. Whatever the problem–a strategy problem, a market problem, a product problem, operational problems, sales/marketing problems, people problems…… We tend to think of ourselves as problem solvers. It’s that ability to solve problems that probably got us promotion after [...]

Selling IS A Service

It seems the world is migrating to an “As A Service” model. Everyday one hears a new (sometimes not so new) XaaS approach. The model, at least as a subscription payment approach, is not new. We’ve had various subscription, rent, lease capabilities for at least decades, if not centuries. The application [...]

Product Centric Selling, It Really Is About Us!

I’ve been having an email conversation with a colleague about, “Why are sales people so product focused in their sales outreach?” We all know, at least I hope we do, that focusing on the customer, their issues/opportunities, and how we help them achieve their goals, is much more effective than pitching our products. Yet, [...]

Do We Even Need Sales People Anymore

Recently, I read a post from a marketing person I really respect. This person was asking the question and making the argument that perhaps we need to rethink selling, perhaps eliminate it. He’s a thoughtful person, so I paid attention to what he was saying. Fundamentally, he built an his argument off two items. [...]

A Paradox, The Sales Process And The Buying Journey

As sales professionals we face an intriguing paradox. We know, for complex B2B buying, the buyer’s journey can best be described as chaotic. What we have always believed is a linear process–identify a challenge, commit to change, define the problem/needs, evaluate alternatives, select a solution, turns out to be chaotic, as illustrated by [...]

Strategic Procurement And Sales, On Parallel Paths

Probably, ever since the first sale was made to a customer that involved a buying agent, procurement and sales professionals have viewed each other as adversaries. Every time I talk to a sales person about procurement, eyes roll, a groan escapes their lips, and the nightmare begins, “All they are going to do is beat me [...]

Turbulence And Fear Of Buying

I spend too much of my life on planes. The other day was a rough flight, it was typical winter storms. I’ve become immune to the occasional shaking, even the captain suspending service for a few minutes. But this flight caused me to pause. We hit a pocket, it seemed like [...]

Everything In Sales Is Dead, Long Live Sales And Selling!

It’s tedious, every day a scroll through my various news feeds, there are any number of articles declaring the death of something in sales, or sales itself. Cold calling is deadSocial selling is deadROI is deadSaaS selling is deadThe telephone is deadEmail is deadCRM is deadThe selling process is dead[Name a methodology] is deadAI replaces the [...]

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