Advisors 2016

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Bob Apollo, Inflexion-Point

Column: B2B Sales Excellence in the Customer Age

Christine Crandell, New Business Strategies

Column: Customer Success Meets Business Strategy

Ian Golding, Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd

Column: Building Skills for Customer Experience Leadership

Bob Hayes, Business Over Broadway

Column: Improving the Practice of Customer Experience Analytics

Lynn Hunsaker, ClearAction

Column: Spanning Silos for Customer Experience Excellence

Michael Lowenstein, Beyond Philosophy

Column: Connecting Employee and Customer Experience

Gautam Mahajan, Customer Value Foundation

Column: Customer Value: Step By Step Guide

Bill Price, Antuit and Driva Solutions

Column: Building a Winning Me2B Culture

Ernan Roman, ERDM

Column: Human Data-Driven Personalization

Tony Ulwick, Strategyn

Column: How to Innovate Using Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory