Top 7 Web App Ideas for Businesses with Low Investment


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“Fortune favors the prepared mind”- Louis Pasteur

Finding a bright web app idea is like looking for Aladdin’s cave. The path is breathtaking but full of promises leading one to become an ultimate millionaire or billionaire. However, things become more treacherous when you lack sufficient funds. You cannot let loose of your idea to anyone promising funds.

Remember: Steve jobs have multiple allegations for stealing brilliant ideas of entrepreneurs and business people alike in his initial days of career establishment.

No worries if you do not have a good financial backup, you can start with web apps that require moderate to little funds but promise high returns.

Web apps are simpler to build and maintain than full-fledged mobile applications, and they are just as valuable to your company if you need an online service that doesn’t require constant updating or maintenance from your team.

As per research, apps lying under the social networking section have the highest popularity among the users, with 89.5% in the United States, says Statista. It is followed by the apps lying under the chats & messaging section bearing a popularity usage of 81.5%.

The infographic below gives a clear hint about the target audience preferences:

top app ideas
Source: Statista- Most Popular App Categories

Here are seven web app ideas for businesses with low investments that you can use today!

1) Business Directory / Review Web App

If you’re trying to take your passion and turn it into a profit, then a review website is an excellent idea. A directory allows visitors to find businesses or other services in their area by searching via category, keyword, or location. It also serves as an excellent marketing tool for companies promoting themselves.

Starting up can be relatively cheap since you can use a pre-existing website template and add features like ratings and reviews if you have time. Top web development companies can help you here.

Target Audience: Launch Country’s Population

Features of a Review Web App:

# Search Firms
# Categorizing Firms
# Review Submission
# Profile Creation
# Social Media Integration
# Landing on Booking Sites

Top Players Under this Category: Yelp, Yellow Pages, Tripadvisor, etc.

Estimated Cost of Web App Development: $15K to $25K

2) CEO Dashboard

Setting up a CEO dashboard is a great way of increasing the productivity of CEOs in a firm. It offers a one-stop location where CEOs can monitor essential metrics, such as profits, number of orders, and upcoming projects. Not only that, but it guides in terms of how much each department needs to work. Also, what they need to accomplish over time.

It means that every department—whether they’re sales or development—has an overview of what needs to be completed by them on any given day. Implementing such an interface will mean things are streamlined without compromising efficiency, making it easier than ever before to stay organized on all fronts.

Thus a CEO dashboard is an excellent idea for creating a web app.

Target Audience: CEO’s of MSMEs

Features of a CEO Dashboard Web App:

# Smooth Profile Creation
# Annual Recurring RevenueValue Indicator Chart Generator
# Expenses Value Indicator Chart Generator
# Goal Chart Generator
# Budget Chart Generator
# Growth Value Chart Generator
# Churn RateValue Chart Generator
# ARR Trends Over Time Line Chart Generator
# Gross Sales Area Chart Generator
# Total Profit/Loss Bar Line Chart Generator
# Cash Flow Table Chart Generator
# Cash Flow Bar Chart Generator
# Customers Table Chart Generator
# New ARR by Signup Bar Chart Generator

Top Players Under this Category: Datta Dashboard, DashBee, etc.

Estimated Cost of Web App Development: $15K to $30K

3) YouTube Radio Based App

You can create an application that utilizes YouTube’s music streaming to do a radio streaming service. While creating this application, ensure it’s free and open to everyone. However, people will have to upgrade their account to remove ads, save songs to offline listening, etc.

The YouTube radio app must allow users to create personalized playlists and let others discover them. It can be done by adding sharing playlists features over social media & inviting others to listen or collaborate.

Youtube Radio will also allow users to smoothly search specific music they want, such as 80s pop or rap-rock. YouTube will develop related stations based on songs that are tagged with those terms by actual users.

Target Audience: Global Population

Features of a YouTube Radio based Web App:

# Cross-platform Support
# High-Speed Streaming
# On-demand Content
# Song Info
# Program Guide
# User Notifications
# Personalization of Content

Top Players Under this Category: AccuRadio, myTuner Radio, Pandora Radio, etc.

Estimated Cost of Web App Development: $20K to 30$K

4) Employee Performance Management System

In an ideal world, all employees are top performers. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work in real life. Some are better at their jobs than others and giving them more tasks is a recipe for resentment & low morale.

That’s why managers need employee performance management software — so they can track their team members’ progress & identify opportunities to boost their performance on existing projects.

Note: Companies with EPM programs have found that employees who feel more invested in their work also experience higher job satisfaction and engagement (not to mention productivity).

Thus, you can invest in a performance management web app that will encourage workers to cooperate & think outside their comfort zones. And that’s just good business sense!

Target Audience: HRs & Managers of MSMEs

Features of an Employee Performance Management System Web App:

# Generate Flexible Reports
# Identify Top Performers
# Note-taking
# Automated Email Notifications
# Goal Setting
# Goal Tracking
# 360 Degree Feedback.
# Frequent Check-ins
# Self-appraisals

Top players Under this Category: Synergita, Namely, Bamboo HR, etc.

Estimated Cost of Web App Development: $25K to $35K

5) App for Finding Sports Partner

Finding a sports partner can be frustrating and time-consuming for amateur athletes and sportspersons. They often seek someone who plays on a consistent skill level at their time of availability, location, and so on.

An easy way to resolve that problem would be an online platform like a web app or website. The platform must allow people to search for like-minded players and communicate easily with them before deciding if they want to play together or not.

Creating an app for finding potential sports partners is a vital idea for creating a successful revenue-generating web app.

Target Audience: Young Teenagers & Youth

Features of a Sports Partner Finder Web App:

# Quick Profile Creation
# Filters Based on Age, Location, and Sports
# Creating Schedules for Sports
# Social Media Profiles Integration

Top Players Under this Category: GW Sport, Plato, Sportobuddy, etc.

Estimated Cost of Web App Development: $15K to $20K

6) Motivation Based Apps

Unfortunately, suffering from mental disorders & depressions is pretty prevalent in the entire world. It adversely affects people in the age group of 18 to 25. The stats below offer insights into the situation of the United States.

Motivation is vital, and it’s hard to inspire people to get out of depression. It would help if victims/patients have outside influences, like deadlines or competition. It’s why there are so many apps based on helping people stay motivated through gamification or social networking.

Thus, building a motivational app is a considerable option.

Features of Motivation based Web Apps:

# Developing Goals, Habits, and Routines Together
# Powerful Dashboard
# Reminders
# Charts
# Customizable Target
# Survivor Motivational Videos or Links
# Social Media Profiles Integration

Top Players Under this Category: Wonderful Day, ThinkUp, BattleStep, etc.

Estimated Cost of Web App Development: $15K to $25K

7) Portfolio/Resume Making App

Many web visitors depend upon a web app for creating simple or advanced portfolios. These apps allow users to upload photos, add captions & descriptions, and share their work on social media.

While creating such an app it’s vital to remember that the platform needs to be personal when building users’ portfolios. A portal that uses an impersonal template will come across as bland, even if it looks good (as many design templates tend to do).

Note: A resume or portfolio-making app should showcase the users and their skills appealingly at its core. While developing this app, remember that the end-users are not selling USPs. They are simply trying to communicate skills & values invitingly so potential employers will want to connect or hire them.

Features of a Portfolio/Resume Making App:

# Multiple Templates
# Smooth Creation of Tables
# Highlighting Special Skills
# Offers Various Options With the Same Set of Data
# Following Diverse Industries Standard Resume/Portfolio Outlooks

Top Players Under this Category: Easy Portfolios, Evernote, VoiceThread, etc.

Estimated Cost of Web App Development: $15K to $20K

Final Words

If you’re ready to invest in an idea, there are plenty of tools out there to help. Implementing these tools will largely depend on your knowledge of programming languages and your business goals.

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry; many services (including Google & Facebook) offer extensive tutorials that walk you through specific tasks step by step.

Alternatively, you can connect with an IT consulting company specializing in helping small companies with complex technical needs.