Reach the PEAC of Great Content


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Every digital marketer is after the same thing – the elusive backlink, share, or retweet. Creating content that your audience wants to pass along to their own audiences is an art. Content needs to be engaging and has to provide some sort of value to readers. The trick to it is figuring out what is valuable! This infographic created by Venngage breaks down the formula for great shareable content. Exceptional content falls into two or more of the following categories: Practical, Entertaining, Awe-Inspiring, and Credible – let’s find out how to reach your PEAC.

Practical Value. Your readers are far less likely to share content of yours that is overly self-promotional, and far more likely to share content that offers practical or useful information. Make sure your posts don’t focus solely on your products and services.

Entertaining. Leave them laughing by sharing amusing content. How often do you see reshares of funny videos on social networking sites? People love to share content that will make their friends and colleagues laugh.

Awe-Inspiring. Sites like Upworthy seem to exist solely to share content that elicits a “wow” from viewers – and have found great success! People feel good about sharing inspirational content. Tap into that by creating and sharing your own.

Credible. Most people shy away from sharing content that they don’t believe is true. Don’t rush to create content without first making sure that you have your facts straight – people are more likely to link to your content if you’re seen as a trustworthy source.

Has your company been reaching their PEAC content potential? Will you be evaluating future content using the PEAC criteria? Let me know in the comments!

Reach the PEAC of Great Content


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