Positive Stories Start From the Inside


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Yesterday in my quick note I wrote about the importance of creating positive stories.

The reason I shared the quick note is because of the fact that stories are the most powerful and viral marketing method available to you.

The other critical statistic is that 68% of your customers will potentially leave you over a negative service experience.

As I observe organizations all over the world, a common mistake I see them make while working to improve their positive stories and/or Net Promoter Score is that they start from the outside in.

CSI is fortunate enough to work with some of the leading organizations that understand the fallacy of this approach.

We help our clients improve their internal service cooperation first, which leads to differentiated customer experiences, positive stories and the propensity to refer or recommend.

Universally the one thing that we and our clients have found is that differentiated experiences and positive stories start from the inside.

The best organizations, the ones that you and I like to do business with and often times pay a premium for the opportunity to do so, are the ones that deliver fast, friendly hassle free service.

If you work backwards from the experiences that we all pay for, you will see they all emanate from great internal service cooperation.

When you look at the infographic below, please take note that it says Engaged, Energized and Enabled employees!

That is because engagement without enablement and energy is worthless!

Conversely, energized, enabled and engaged employees are priceless, and the only type that can create differentiated customer experiences!

For today, I’d like to leave you with this infographic. It starts on the inside.

Click here to view the infographic below:

Start on the Inside

Peter Psichogios
Peter Psichogios is the President of CSI International Performance Group whose mission is to help companies create engaging employee and customer experiences. Prior to joining CSI International Peter served as an executive member of one of the largest Instructional System Association companies in the world. In this capacity, he led all the front-end analysis and worked directly with Dr. Ken Blanchard. Peter has been fortunate to work with the who's who of the Fortune 500, helping them deliver innovative learning, engagement and recognition solutions.