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What makes us decide to “like” something on Facebook or join a group or a cause?

I’ve been receiving all these requests lately and it’s got me thinking about passion…how someone’s passion for/about something can lead to massive movements. But then, what if you get a suggestion from a friend and you don’t share that same passion?  Do you ignore it? Or do you support it?

Passion is tricky….yet powerful and persuasive…in the words of my buddy, Kevin Eikenberry. (I say tricky…he says powerful and persuasive.) I believe it’s all encompassing of those and so many other things.

I kinda feel like I’m the embodiment of passion. I get so excited and all caught up in things moment to moment. It’s quite scary at times…almost as if it’s passion for passion’s sake. (Haha.) But that same passion is also the thing that drives me. I feed off of it. It overflows into my music, my blogs, my work, my day. I thrive off of it in the many forms and shapes that it takes.

What causes passion? Man…I guess I’m trying to figure that one out. What causes people to be so passionate about one thing over another? For example…I love domestic animals. I think they should be treated well, housed…all of the great stuff animals should get to be a part of that is nice. However, I’m not a joining any animal groups. Animals aren’t something I’m passionate about. I don’t have any animals. My daughter has been begging me lately to get her a dog. No way. I’m just not into it. And not that I don’t love dogs either! I do…some…but I don’t want a dog. At least, not at this point in my life.

What about the Farmville and Mafia Wars people? Man, they get excited about those farms and stuff. Passion. They love it. Why don’t I? I don’t know…just can’t get into it.  Just like other people can’t get into Twitter like I do, or blogging, or playing music or working out. And these are things I really couldn’t imagine my life without. I’d literally go crazy…or wait…yeah…maybe I’m already crazy and these are the things that keep me in check. Who knows?

So, I guess the question I pose here…what are you crazy passionate about, and if you think back … what caused you to be that passionate about it? Was it your parents…did they influence you? Was it a friend? Or was it something you felt as if you were born to do? Is it ingrained into your being by a higher power?  Just curious…

Thinking about my passion(s) is rather fun, I may say. I could say that my passions developed from a simple interest, to a like, to a love….then BOOM! instant passion! The most fortunate part for me in my life is that I was able to turn my passions into a sustainable income for me before I moved here. So in effect, I was “Livin’ the dream.”

My first developed passion was music. I am a DJ and I have been enamored with this relationship since I was little. I wished that I had picked up an instrument when I was a kid, but two turntables and a microphone ended up being my drug.

My second passion is Martial Arts. Just like music, it was and is an avenue to express myself physically, spiritually and emotionally. To me, MA is so much more than kicking and punching.

My understanding of passion comes from a love that drives you to take action, such that you put your heart and soul into the completion… just like a passionate kiss. No coercion… you do it all yourself.

I like to call my passions “relationships” because I know at times it supersedes my daily obligations…but I know that it will always be there for me, and I for them. It won’t let me down when I need them, and I won’t give them up for the world.

I had to admit, I had to wiki it up to see what the “working definitions” are. Seems to take on some carnal tendencies…

That’s my two cents.


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Lindsay Manfredi
Lindsay Manfredi, writer, ghost blogger, and social media rock star, founded Linzstar, Inc. in 29 to help small and large companies create a more effective and profitable online presence.


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