One-to-One Marketing Campaign Tips for 2011


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You have to be on your toes to develop better cross-channel campaigns.

The combination of using variable data direct mail, email and PURLs (personalized URLs) together can be an overwhelming proposition. But, with many statistics to support the financial results of one-to-one cross-channel campaigns, it’s impossible to ignore the need to use them in the New Year.

In an article from XMPie entitled “Five Things to Keep in Mind When Developing and Implementing 1:1 Cross-Media Campaigns” they highlight the key points to a successful campaign. The points are a beneficial reminder for any direct marketer, but are especially fruitful for personalized multi-channel programs.

You can read XMPie’s full article here, or here is my condensed version. (Very condensed for those of us with incredibly busy schedules this time of year.)

  1. Know your goals and objectives.

    Write it down. Plan it out.

  2. Communicate with all personnel and departments involved.

    Executing a multi-channel campaign requires input and action by many different departments and partners. Be sure to involve them early and keep them in the loop throughout.

  3. Spend time on the quality of the data.

    It is extremely important that your personalization is accurate and appealing.

  4. Keep it simple.

    When incorporating personalization in a marketing campaign, it’s easy to over-focus on the “uniqueness” or “coolness” of your marketing pieces. Make sure your pieces clearly convey to the reader what action you want them to take.

  5. Don’t forget to track results!

    Measure the results of each channel separately and also together.

Have other tips to add to the list? Please add them in the comments.


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