Interesting Infographics: Craft A Social Selling Routine In 30 Minutes


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Social selling is crucial for impelling purchasing decisions – so where do you begin to create a social selling routine? And why do you need one to begin with?

In this infographic from The Social Wrap by Ben Martin, we are presented with a “cheat sheet” that can aid us in building a daily social selling procedure.

As a result, this routine can provide B2B professionals with much help in lead generation, while enhancing their engagement with customers.

Below are the 12 steps to consider, which Ben Martin also accentuates in his infographic, “How To Build A Social Selling Routine – 30 to 60 Minutes Per Day.”

Step 1

Pinpoint the content you would like to distribute to customers.

Step 2

Turn to your social networks to distribute content.

Step 3

Check your LinkedIn account to see who has viewed your profile.

Step 4

Create 1st degree connections with those who have visited your profile.

Step 5

Follow up on how your content has engaged with customers.

Step 6

Make connections with LinkedIn users who have viewed your content (these are users who are not already in your 1st degree network).

Step 7

Take note of your LinkedIn alerts (i.e. new job alerts).

Step 8

Take note of the “hot buyers” through tag folders via LinkedIn.

Step 9

Distribute this week’s content to your “hot buyers.”

Step 10

Have you checked your other alerts (i.e. Google+, Hootsuite)?

Step 11

Make sure you don’t have unresolved messages on LinkedIn.

Step 12

Begin at least five fresh conversations for the day.

When you view the full infographic below, take note of the advice Ben Martin provides in certain steps.

What are your thoughts on building a social selling procedure? Is this infographic missing any important information? Please leave your comments.

12 Step Social Selling Routine


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