Innovative Inventions Which are Thriving in COVID-19 Pandemic


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COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our economies, social lives, and our standard of living. The world is seeing the slowest slowdown of all time, but it has also prompted an outpouring of creativity in other spheres. Looking at the serious situation, technology firms have begun to come forward.

Economies are being hit hard. Startups and young professionals realize that this is the time when people want to showcase their creativity. Brainstorming in the sun is easier but not when clouds build up. Each day, businesses are taking inspiration from the situation, they come up with a unique idea. The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new era of urgent innovation, from hands-free door openers to mobile medicare, many inventions are booming.

We’re bringing to light some stunning technology innovations. These products are mainly aimed at helping people and businesses in the areas of grocery, essential services, health, fitness, online learning, e-commerce, workplace tools. What makes these products special is that they help humanity in its greatest crisis of all time.

E-commerce delivery services

The e-commerce industry has been mulling over using drones for deliveries for a long time, but has little support for the idea. COVID-19 has put millions under lockdown. And in this critical situation, drones are proved as a great help.

E-commerce sales are booming with different ideas, another example is opening web stores at each door. Everything is very demanding. E-stores also don’t want to miss out on opportunities. That’s why web stores expand their mobile presence by launching fast mobile apps for grocery items including liquor, essential goods, and other services.

Video conferencing tool

Zoom is yet another app that is not COVID-19’s byproduct, but the video-based conference app has added millions of users over the past few months to its database, making it perhaps Corona’s biggest corporate success.

The US-based company has relaxed its plan in its bid to contribute, helping more users benefit from the service. Zoom has a user base that is diverse. From children to elderly people, doctors, musicians, corporates, teachers, businesses, all want to give a try to an app like this when the day sets in.

Hygiene hook

Touching a door handle is such an omnipresent part of life that most people couldn’t count how many times they have done it all day. However, with most surfaces now considered to be potential health hazards, door handles pose an inevitable problem. To prevent this problem, hygiene hooks are better options. Clips are attached to them which helps us to open doors without touching it.

Mobile medicare

Although mobile phones were predominantly a late 1990s invention, what’s new about that? Governments in most countries at this time want their healthcare staff to stay ready for COVID-19 by shedding off other duties. Telemedicine has greatly helped the already strained doctor community. These apps are guiding their patients using mobile phones. Along with consulting a doctor, patients can use these apps for making payments also.

Hygiene smart band

The band is coded in such a way that a sound alerts the users whenever they attempt to touch their face. The company believes that Immutouch is a great breakthrough, especially at this time when it is advisable for people to maintain serious hygiene. Given that they had the setup ready; it wasn’t very difficult to shape the device to fight COVID-19.

The above list is just a glimpse of what’s actually happening in the technology field. We have never witnessed such intensity and urgency in the past.

Hundreds of fresh new discoveries from individuals, volunteers, non-profits, researchers, and businesses are unleashed each day. They rightly realize that COVID-19 will be the way of life, for some time at least, so learning makes sense. But having said that, humanity is not in the mood to give up just yet. Who knows these inventions could be the stepping stone to defeat, out and in full, the Corona scare.

Kapil Rana
Kapil RANA is the promoter and Chairman at HostBooks, Inc. a FinTech company based in California. He is a qualified CPA (Ireland), Fellow Chartered Accountant (India), and continues to dedicate his life to learning and sparking the fire of knowledge.