Infographic: What Does It Cost to Fail at Customer Experience?


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When a company fails to deliver the customer experience a customer expects, customers are not shy about sharing their disappointment. When we experience bad customer service most of us will tell an average of 16 people about it. Apparently, 13 percent of us (that really angry 13 percent, you know the type) will tell more than 20 people. If those frustrated customers happen to be venting their complaints on Facebook or Twitter, they’re not just telling 20 people. In reality, they’re telling hundreds. That’s the kind of word-of-mouth brand traffic that can do real damage over time. (Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs, Washington, DC)

In our latest infographic, we explore the impact that comes with failing to meet customer expectations. From lost revenue in abandoned purchases to the cost burden expense associated with acquiring new customers, see why poor customer experience can be an expensive mistake.

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