How To Use Google Snippets To Reach A Larger Audience


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With a crowded internet, getting your website noticed amongst the myriad of content can be challenging. However, getting your business ranked more highly by search engines will open up a wider audience of potential customers.

If you want to rank on the first page of search engines such as Google, you will want to make the best use of the tools and algorithms available, one of which is Google Snippets.

Google crawls sites and determines their rankings on search results. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) display website content pulled by Google in order of quality and relevance to the terms searched for.

What are Google Snippets, and how could they work in your favour?

Google Snippets are a great way to get your content noticed. Harnessing the power of Google Snippets is one of the most relevant and powerful ways to feature on the front page of Google search results. Understanding how to create content worthy of being picked up as a snippet is crucial if you want your content brought to the attention of searchers.

A Google Snippet features a few lines of text under your website link on a search engine results page. Those website pages selected to show a snippet will rank higher plus showing a Featured Snippet can improve click-through rate leading to more web visits and more sales. They will increase the visibility and credibility of your brand, so working to achieve them is a digital marketing tactic worthy of your time.

Alongside a standard snippet, you can try to achieve a Rich Snippet or Featured Snippet. Rich Snippets will include additional information displayed in different colours to draw in the searcher, things such as star ratings that could entice a user to click on your website. Featured Snippets appear in a larger font at the top of the results page to show specific answers to search queries.

Google Snippet success

You don’t need a huge marketing budget to gain a snippet but you do need to do research to understand the competition and have an understanding of how to engage your online audience.

It is also important to find the middle ground between showing enough to entice customers to click on your website but not so much that they don’t need or want to look further. Of course, the content must be high quality and relevant, and videos are a great way to find interesting and relevant content to support your written work once you get people onto your site.

Follow these steps to achieve Google Snippet success

1.    Use less competitive keywords for maximum effect

Research keywords and phrases and choose those that are less competitive i.e. do not already have large companies and established brands appearing in the search listings. You will gain more by clever use of lower-rated yet highly relevant keywords and phrases. Many of these can be found in the lists marked “People Also Ask” Remember, search trends change over time so you must continually review your keyword use.

2.    Answer pain points with quality content

You need to understand what your potential customers are likely to search for and how your product or service can help. Answering their pain points with terms that suit your target market’s location and culture will ensure you reach the demographics looking for companies and information like yours.

3.    Content structure that mirrors search terms

The main headlines (H1 and H2) should use the words and phrases that are likely to be searched for. This helps emphasise the relevance and importance of the content for Google, giving more likelihood of some of your content becoming a Google Snippet.

4.    Define the search terms within written and verbal content

so that relevant search fodder is laid and can easily be picked up. Line up your relevant keywords and phrases, and create the content around the searcher’s needs, wants, and likely search phrases to increase the chances of a Google Snippet being pulled to feature.

5.    Be persistent

Gaining key ranking features such as Google Snippets takes time and isn’t a one-time task that works forever. Neither can it be achieved with just one article (unless you are extremely lucky and have created original content on a topic that doesn’t already exist). All your content must be high quality, user-focused, engaging and always designed to reach out to your target audience in a way they relate to.

6.    Make sure it’s mobile-friendly

Many people now use mobile phones and tablets to search the internet, so make it easy for them by optimising your content to perform well across all platforms. Google places high importance when ranking on the usability of mobile devices, so ensure however they search, they get a great experience.


Gaining a featured snippet will raise your website and business profile and will very likely increase website traffic and ultimately increase sales. Once you start gaining snippets, you will naturally appear more in searches, so it’s a very valuable tool for increasing web visitors.

Don’t forget that this is just the first part of the story. Once you have achieved the goal of getting the reader to your content, you must make it clear what they can do next. Make it easy to buy, sign up or do whatever you need with relevant calls to action and clear and concise content that will lead to a conversion. Tailor the click to make it easy, building trust in your voice with relevant and engaging content that makes new visitors choose you over the competition.

Anna Preston
Anna Preston is a business management consultant and small business coach at Problogineer. She advises SMEs at all stages from start-up through to established companies looking to accelerate growth with tailored coaching to develop better processes, target growth and improve customer experience. She has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Business Management from the University of Bristol, UK.


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