How can Customer Service be a Lead Generation Channel?


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Communication is the most significant key to generating leads because when you connect with your customers via blog posting, catchy headlines, and subscription notifications, you can attract more customers to your brand.

But the question is how you can gain a customer’s trust and loyalty towards your brand and product, as these catchy headlines, taglines, and an improvised CTA can be a good communication channel. Still, they are not two-way communication you can rely upon as a strategy.

So, this is where “customer service” comes into the marketing strategy, as when a business enterprise looks into customers’ concerns and handles them correctly. It allows the brands to have 100% lead generation and become trustworthy.

Here’s how you can utilize customer service as a lead generation channel.

What is Lead Generation in Customer Service?

Lead generation is the medium of approaching new customers to include them in the sales process(aka closing a sale). You can establish this communication by giving exciting discounts and offers on deals for your brands.

Moreover, this strategy can help you collect information about the visitors on your go-to website page, blogs, and pop-up notifications. When you have your leads after collecting the required information, this is where lead nurturing comes to convert leads into potential clients.

However, the lack of lead nurturing leads to no conversion of potential leads into customers, as more than just getting information is required. If you want your ROI to gain new heights, you must focus on a good customer relationship to maintain a long-term bond.

So, how can you achieve a good sales mechanism to increase sales? You can attain a perfect strategy by using customer service to generate leads in the following ways:

1. Customer Service on Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great place to showcase your offers to visitors. These web pages act as a platform that helps you focus on a particular giveaway and have zero distractions from anything else on the page.

The landing pages are designed in such a way that it responds to all your queries with an engaging writing tone that assures the visitor that they are making the right choice. This assurance allows them to fill out the form and select the CTA option.

However, what if the visitor has some queries they want to resolve before going further and clicking on the call-to-action button? So here, customer service plays the role when you add the following option on your landing page:

(i) Contact information
(ii) Live chat option
(iii) Pre-recorded messages for the visitors

2. Comment Section

You must have seen that customers often reach out to companies by addressing their problems and queries in the comment section of blogs and social media platforms. Even if these questions are irrelevant and sound childish, it is good to hear them out.

Equally addressing the queries of each customer will help you understand their problems better and act more efficiently. You can answer their issues in blogs and social media posts to let the customers know they are being heard.

Moreover, you can also create a new blog article by addressing the issues and discussing them in detail. This newly written article for the customers having the query will help you attract more potential leads facing the same problems.

3. Knowledge Base

Including all the information mentioned above, knowledge base articles can prove to be a plus in listening to the problems and concerns of the customers. You can collect all customer issues and create a well-designed knowledge article to answer the queries.

This knowledge base article can include information on using the product and the brand’s services for the best possible outcome. Add FAQs and comments to hear out the consumers, as this might help you in lead generation in customer service.

4. Customer Service for Upsells and Cross-sales

There is a very interesting lead on the theory of upselling by the authors of the Marketing metrics, which says, “Acquiring new customers is five to 25 times more costly than keeping existing ones’’

If you consider buying something from a company that you don’t know or believe is far scarier than buying from a brand that you have visited before and trust the brand’s loyalty. However, you can use customer service to obtain up-sales and cross-sales strategy.

But only use the strategy at the perfect time and with the most loyal customer to your brand because if you get along with a customer who is already annoyed with the company’s customer service, ask them to buy another product to fix the old one.

How will Lead Generation help your business?

Lead generation is termed as developing belief, loyalty, credibility, recognition, and engaging certain people referred to as potential leads. So if you attract more visitors, it will directly cause increased data traffic and high prospects and ultimately build high-value customers.

In other words- this strategy can help you in the revenue growth system for your business. If you look more clearly into the methods for approaching leads, you can achieve new heights in your business and have a long-term customer relationship.

Here’s how lead generation will help your business grow.

1. Market Expansion

When any business owner builds an enterprise, it focuses on a specific group of people that can use their products and services. But do you want to stay limited even though you know you have more options to look to generate more leads?

You might receive referral offers from other companies and brands and job opportunities that belong outside your marketing campaign strategy. However, still, you know that these new opportunities can help your business grow and expand.

2. Collect Customer Reviews

You must gather as many customer reviews as possible, as these will help you gain new leads for your business. However, you know the best possible way to do so is to get a review from clients that have already tested your product.

But you cannot get these reviews from old consumers with some easy steps. You need to research these old loyal customers and pay them off so that they share their experience with your company’s products and services.

Thus, once you have all these customer reviews, you can include them in your websites, blogs, emails, etc., attracting new potential leads.

3. Increase your Revenue Growth

Working on the correct methods of lead generation can help your brand showcase more in front of the target audiences. You will need the right messaging content, offers, and deals to attract audiences to your company.

You can achieve great revenue growth once you understand the problems and requirements of potential leads, which can further be converted into customers by the sales team.

Refer to the link for more information on how lead generation will help your business grow.

Why is Good Customer Service Important?

Customer service is the mutual relationship between a client and the business, which tends to attract more customers by understanding their issues and finding a solution. So if you want your sales to grow and your business to expand, you must provide top-notch customer service.

Here are the following reasons why customer service is important:

1. Boosts Sales

Customer service builds good client relationships and can help boost sales. If you provide the correct information and solve consumer problems appropriately, you will see a shift in sales for your products and services.
Easier Customer Retention than Customer Acquisition

According to a Hubspot survey, 55% of consumers no longer trust the companies. It is because the companies invest more money in customer acquisition than they should be doing to upgrade customer service, which can be beneficial in reducing the churn rate.

You can use more strategies to retain old customers in the long run, which is way more profitable than investing money to acquire new leads. Customer retention statistics say that only 20% of consumers are the source of 80% of any company’s profit.

2. Growth in Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value is a significant statistic when running a business, as CLV is the total amount that any company acquires from a particular customer. Growth in the number means that the customer shops more often for your products.

However, only 42% of the companies know to calculate the customer lifetime value, but this percentage needs to increase. The numbers can improve if a business owner spends more on customer service.

Customer Service and Lead Generation

If you want your customer service mechanism to serve as a lead generation tool, you must know the strategies you can obtain to get more potential customers. It would be best if you reached out using your full capacity to these customers by being available 24×7.

You can also use various free tools to help you get more information about the customers, not just details like email addresses and contact info. The data can help you be more precise about what a customer is looking for in your company.

Let’s have a better understanding of the tools and strategy that you need.

1. Live Chat

Customers find the old methods of contacting customer service redundant and look for a systematic approach they can get from the companies. Live chats are a direct medium for communication between the company and the customer.

If you have a live chat option on your company’s website, this can help you collect enormous data about any customer, where you can ask for an email address to contact the consumer in the future.

2. Adding the Data to the CRM platform

After you have collected the customer’s details and know the actual email address, it will further be integrated into the CRM platform. These email IDs are used as a medium for future communication with the prospect.

3. Session Recording

Session recordings can be an effective method of understanding your customers as you know how much time they spent on the website, what products they viewed more often, and the external links they checked.

You can use all this information when you approach the lead via customer service and know about their concerns and the services they need.

4. Free Tools

Moment, a full-fledged CRM platform, can help you with real-time session recordings, seamless live chat interaction, and many other features that will assist you in being more accessible to potential leads.

It is free to install and download, and you can access the free-plan option of the app to use all the features mentioned earlier in this article.


The methods to generate leads have changed over time, leading to significant business growth by shifting from traditional approaches to modern touch. However, many companies that follow worn-out strategies to acquire these leads face high churn rates.

Thus the sooner business owners realize that they need to spend more on customer service, the better they can expect their business to grow.

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