Google’s Amazing Technicolor SERP Coat


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Have you thought about how much color has been added to Google’s search result pages?

It’s as if they took a cue from a broadway play and have created their own Technicolor Dream Coat.

Businesses that understand the importance of implementing an in-store process to collect customer reviews get an additional benefit with yellow stars next to their Google Places listing.

Yellow is a color that draws the eye.

The Amazon effect has clearly trained consumers to click on the “products” and now companies FIRST that have the highest ratings. This is an untapped opportunity for most car dealers.

Check and see how many stars you have compared to other dealers in your market.

Suggestion: Download the Google Places App and start a strategy to get your customers to post a review when they are engaged with you!

Technicolor Google SERP

But now, the technicolorization of SERP include photo thumbnails (enlarge photo below) of people who “+1? the listing. Imagine the charge in click behavior when a person searches and sees 5 of their friends profile photos under the SERP listing for a specific business.

The addition of photo thumbnails add color and relevance to people from their network of friends. The colorization and personalization of SERP pages can be leveraged to increase click behavior of online shoppers. You can see how powerful these thumbnails can be from the example below:

Do you have a technicolor search engine optimization strategy in place? If you have not updated your Automotive SEO strategy to include these new opportunities, give us a call.


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