Four Technology Solutions That Improve B2B Sales


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With the rise of the software as a service industry, the B2B space has never been more active than it is today. Especially after the pandemic, businesses around the globe are searching for online tech solutions to add to their stack. Nowadays, wherever there’s a business problem, there are a huge number of potential technology solutions to boot. 

Yet, due to the huge number of potential solutions on the market for any one problem, the sales process takes around 22% longer than it did five years ago. With more potential options, brands spend much more time looking through the market before settling on a certain product, service, or platform.

Luckily, there are multiple tools out there that aim to speed up the B2B sales process, facilitating faster conversions and more direct customer relationships. Here’s an overview of the technology solutions that actively improve B2B sales for businesses around the globe.

Successful Product Demonstrations with Walnut

One of the biggest challenges that B2B businesses run into during the sales process is the inability to convert from demos. This is often due to the fact that product demos can feel impersonal, heavily staged, and lacking inspiration. Walnut, an interactive and personalized product demo platform, sets out to solve these problems.

Walnut allows businesses to personalize demos, curtailing the experience to match up with what that specific client is looking for. Considering that a recent McKinsey study revealed that enhanced personalization can lead to 40% more revenue, Walnut is actively making the B2B sales process faster and more profitable for businesses.

Taking this one step further, Walnut offers businesses a suite of data-driven insights, helping them to continuously improve their product demo experience.

The service that Walnut provides helps everyone, including marketing and sales teams, as well as customer success and presales. By saving time, providing a better use of resources, and helping to generate personalized campaigns, Walnut is boosting conversions across the board.

Turn to Data-Driven Customer Interactions with

Collecting data for analysis and using it to create high-quality insight is one of the strongest methods for businesses to grow. Across the board, no matter the industry, understanding your client or customer through their data will give you a better idea of how to market to them, how to approach them, and how to convert them into paying customers. are masters of customer interactions, capturing communication streams across all of your social channels and feeding them into a singular source of truth. Gong’s AI platform takes all of this customer interaction data and then outputs a number of B2B sales insights, guiding companies toward better customer relations.

Based on a holistic picture of your marketing team and your customers, Gong will suggest actionable insights to increase both interaction and conversion. As this guidance is personalized for the client, this is a surefire way to increase customer satisfaction and speed up the sales process. 

As an all-in-one platform, Gong also offers B2B sales teams personalized coaching based on their communication styles. This coaching will help them refine their skills and forge better relationships with current and potential clients down the line. It’s a master class in data-driven communication.

Convert More Cold Pitches with LemList

It’s a fact of the world of business that, from time to time, your company is going to have to send out some cold pitches. Maybe you’re looking to get some early clients in or you’re just looking to scale to a new base of customers – whatever your story, Lemlist can help. 

LemList is a three-step cold email system, allowing business managers to find leads, create hyper-personalized messages, and boost cold pitch conversion rate. Their core focus is on booking you more meetings, helping to convert 17% of cold pitch leads into a meeting, based on nearly 40,000 case studies.

As cold pitching goes, this A/B tech solution lets you constantly refine your messaging, getting closer and close to that perfect pitch. Not to mention that it takes a lot of the monotony out of the cold pitching process, as well as saving users time.

And, with more time and a list of meetings in the calendar, your team can focus on closing more B2B sales than ever before.

Get an All-In-One Revenue Management Center with DealHub

The sales funnel is far from simple, with moving stages, changing paces, and the simple fact that every customer is different. A lot of wasted time in the B2B sales process comes from businesses having to spend time configuring price quotes for unique circumstances. DealHub helps to remedy this problem, among a handful of other common issues that B2B sales representatives will run into.

DealHub is an expansive sales platform, offering a full CPQ suite for creating customized quotes for each customer. No matter how complicated your product or offering is, DealHub finds a way to get your quote bang on. 

If you’re short on customers, DealHub also acts as an open marketplace, helping to find together buyers and sellers. In this sales-oriented atmosphere, you’ll spend less time looking for new clients and more time selling your services.

DealHub is a fantastic centralized revenue tool, covering everything from quotes and contract development to subscription management and even billing. Empower your team with this all-in-one tech tool.

B2B Sales Are Driven By Tech Solutions

As the world of B2B sales becomes more competitive, companies like DealHub, LemList, Gong, and Walnut have risen up to streamline the process. From facilitating easy cold pitching to delivering world-class personalized product demos, these tech solutions can do it all.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your B2B sales output while supporting your team, then you can’t go wrong with these four tech solutions.


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