Do You Feel It Is Important To Celebrate Service Excellence?


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When I ask this question in person, whether it be in a board room or talking with a front line associate, I almost always get the same answer.

“Of course I think celebrating service excellence is important.”

When I am talking with a front line associate, which I feel is the most visceral way to learn about an organization and it’s personalized sales and service interactions, I will always follow up with, “When you perform at an outstanding or excellent level to create a personalized interaction, do you get recognition and/or rewards?”

Almost universally, the answer is, “very little or not at all.”

In my mind, this is absolutely crazy.

With companies spending millions and millions trying to improve their customer loyalty and net promoter scores, why would they not recognize, reward and celebrate creating a personalized, fun, friendly, authentic interaction?

When I am talking to senior executives, almost 100% of the time they agree it is good business sense and important to celebrate service excellence.

This is where it gets fun!!!

I then ask the follow up question, “Could you tell me the last time you recognized service excellence, whether it be internal or external?”

To protect the guilty, I will omit their answers.

Now why don’t you go ahead and answer the same two questions?

How important do you feel it is to celebrate service excellence?”
When was the last time you recognized service excellence, whether it be internal or external?

Do not worry, it is your secret!

Republished with author’s permission from original post.


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