Didn’t Take Google Long To Do Stand-Up


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Just a brief follow-up from my prior blog entry from this morning. to prove the point. I got this little item in “Good Morning Silicon Valley” a regular column that’s pushed to my desktop every single afternoon (I get the irony, okay…). Here’s the last few sentences from the article entitled “It’s not an office suite, dammit, it’s a … a workplace collection. Yeah, that’s it.”:

Microsoft isn’t exactly waiting to get picked off. No matter to Google execs, who stayed on message with straight faces. “We are not in this to get Microsoft,” said Dave Girouard, general manager of Google’s business software division. “We are in this to offer more compelling choices for consumers and businesses.” Anyone believe him?

They are amazing at search and what I guess they think is disingenuous deception.

I rest my case.


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