Benefits of ReactJS: Top 10 Reasons to Choose It


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Benefits of ReactJS: Top 10 Reasons to Choose It


The eco-system of front-end development is continuously changing and evolving on a daily basis. New tools sprout up and become “best sellers” in the field of web development, revolutionizing the work environment, while other tools become dead ends.

ReactJS can easily get the bestseller label. Launched as far back as 2013, this JavaScript library has attracted affections from many developers across the world. Today, the developer community and Facebook are maintaining ReactJS. Top tier companies like Netflix, Apple, and PayPal use ReactJS. Not just that, over 30 thousand websites online today are built using ReactJS framework.

But business owners keep wondering what the benefits of using ReactJS are? What features it brings to the table. When it is appropriate to use ReactJS instead of other Java development frameworks.

Here are #10 reasons to consider using ReactJS framework for your next development project as a business owner.

#1 ReactJS simplifies the overall process of scripting components

Scripting your part is far more comfortable and better when you use the free syntax extension called JSX. This syntax makes rendering a subcomponent and HTML quoting an easier task. With it’s set of writing shortcuts, it makes your course codes simpler and cleaner when writing a React createElement.

JSX is quite useful when it comes to the development of top-tier apps or custom-made components, and makes it easier to convert HTML mockups into ReactElement trees. Plus, developers tend to get error alerts and messages that are informative, and JSX helps avert code injections.

#2 It facilitates advanced maintenance and boosts productivity

Most often, updates and support turn into stress because the app has a complicated logic, and any modification in one component can affect others. Re-use of assets is one feature developers ever grateful for whenever the topic of ReactJS comes up. Re-employing the same digital object makes workflow less stressful for developers, and this has been made possible by the Facebook development team.

Finest components such as button, checkbox, etc. can be started with, then proceed to complex parts; surfing through wrapper components comprised of multiple tiny elements, forward to the primary, root component. All component is what makes it easier for it to be manipulated and defined, and this is their internal logic. These approaches ensure consistent app facilitates and is inclined towards growth and maintenance.

#3 It guarantees quicker rendering

Considering the impact of the overall application performance is essential when developing a high-volume app. Even new engines and digital platforms can’t guarantee the absence of annoying hitches, because document object model is tree-structured and even small changes at the top layer can cause appalling ripple effects to the crossing point. To solve this problem, the Facebook development team has introduced a virtual document object model, currently labeled as one of the advantages of using the ReactJS framework for high-volume and dynamic app solutions.

This has proven to provide better user experience, higher application performance, and less time consumed.

#4 ReactJS offers a more stable code

React JS ensures a more stable code by using downward data flow only. It does this so the parent structure won’t be affected by any little change that occurs in the child structure. In changing an object, developers only need to modify it states, make amendments, and after then, only specific components will be updated. This structure of data binding ensures code stability and smooth app performance.

#5 ReactJS is SEO friendly

The ability to react to handle common search engine issues such as its failure to read JavaScript high volume apps is another benefit of using React JS framework o develop your software today.

#6 React JS comes with helpful developer toolset

Learning new tech and utilizing then in the next app project can be fun, but only if this new tech can be applied in the development field. This implies that a library or framework should come with a complete toolset for smooth performance.


#7 React framework for mobile app

One good thing about using ReactJS is the provision of the script for developing a mobile app. With ReactJS, you will be able to build UI native apps that function on Android and iOS.

#8 Easy to learn

ReactJS is very easy to learn and more focused than some other JavaScript framework.

#9 Backed by a robust community

Initially, the ReactJS library was created for in-house use and later shared with the whole world. Currently, Instagram and Facebook engineering teams, plus external developers who are experts in this field back React JS.

#10 Popular worldwide

Fortune 500 companies and many innovative companies use the ReactJS framework.

Sites using React: BBC, Netflix, Dropbox, Coursera, IMDb, PayPal, Dailymotion, Chrysler, American Express, Intuit, Khan Academy, Lyft, Atlassian, New York Times, Reddit and dozens of others. One of our recent projects, Mochi – Pet Supplies & Food, is also built using React Native, and currently, it gains traction.

Using ReactJS to develop an app requires you hire the Best Reactjs Development Company around you. Getting a ReactJS developer team to run your project saves you more time and averts unnecessary back and forth.


  1. Using the DRY method will help you write a better code in ReactJS. What ReactJS really does is to make the UI more interactive. It supports a painless transition every time there is an update by just altering the changes rather than going through the whole process again. This helps in easier debugging and a more predictable code in general. This blog on 7 Advantages of ReactJS for Building Interactive User Interfaces will help you understand more:

  2. Nice article. What is really good about React is it is very easy to pick up and introduce in your product. And it is much easier to debug as compared to painful angular concepts like apply, watch, digest loop, etc.

  3. React native is though very tedious as compared to flutter, main disadvantage is that the packages are managed by the community in react native which causes version problems.


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