Benefits of React Native for Enterprise App Development


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React Native for Enterprise App


Excelled mobile app developers always hunt for something that is meant to optimize the products they develop. This is not the case with just the mobile apps they engineer, but also for the processes and the workflows that they shape.

Plentiful of tools and frameworks are ruling the today and still many of them are embarking with the passing day. But what stays is dependent on the noteworthy features and the benefits that it delivers.

In some of the cases, however, it becomes pretty clear from the starting, that which platform will rule the heart of developers. Out of such platforms, one that is being highly embraced by the app developers and the iPhone app development company is React Native. Well, the language is simple and easy to use.

Before the release of React Native, the iPhone App Development Company is required to develop separate apps for both iOS and Android. But with the advent of React Native, the business can hire iPhone Application Developer for developing the apps for both the platform. React Native allow the developers to port the code to other platforms as well, thus aid in developing the complete native app development experience.

The Benefits React Native for Enterprise App Development

Reusability standards: React Native is developed and launched by Facebook for designing the top-notch and best-in-class user interface for the versatile mobile applications. In the starting phase, the React Native was deployed for developing the only iOS-based mobile apps. However, in the current times, it is used to engineer the mobile UIs for Android apps as well. Unlike the other hybrid app development a solution, React Native is doing to go with the web view modules or the components. Despite it takes into account the native components, which can compile with the machine language of the device. So, instead of providing measured optimization speed, React Native is a justified name in the niche of delivering high profile benefits in the perspective of the native app.

Amicable efficiency: React Native upholds the efficiency and portability standards in just the true way. Right from the web development till the mobile app development, React Native takes the shade under the Face book’s React JavaScript library for engineering the best-in-class user interfaces. The React Native delivers plentiful of advantages such as high-performance parameters, virtual DOM and other paradigms as well. With the help of React Native, the developers can add an optimized amount of speed and efficiency to the apps. For instance, React Native can integrate with the third-party links and plug-in to allow the device to use the functionality of the other sensors.

JavaScript: JavaScript is one of the finest development languages that have taken shape in the past few years. Grown steadily, has now become one of the most widely used programming languages. The adoption of JavaScript in the domains of React Native is one of the top reasons in its popularity enhancement. On the other hand, languages such as Swift or Objective-C can be really difficult for the newbie’s in the market. React Native, is undeniably easy to understand and learn.

Cross-platform App Development

Hire iPhone Application Developer for developing just the right apps for your businesses. React developers are highly capable of capturing the feedbacks at a faster pace when compares with the traditional app developer squad. Hire React Native developer that can engineer both the iOS and based app with just the single and reusable code.

The aforementioned capability of the React Native makes it the king of the cross-platform app development ecosystem in just the right way,

Free of cost

Well, React Native is a completely open-source framework. It allows the developers to opt for the frameworks and the attuned libraries just for the free of cost.

React Native work and functions completely under the MIT license. It can be defined as the permissive license for the software that implies only the measurable restrictions on the policies related to the software reusability and delivers the sense of legal protection authorities.

Facts about MIT license:

i) Hire React Native developer and the license will allow them to modify the software.
ii) The developers are not required to share the source code publically.
iii) The app development companies are not required to report the modifications in the software.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Since the React Native was named at the hackathon in 2013, the project associated with it always remained user-focused. Undeniably the React Native source code base is open and free to use, thus, it encourages the developer community to opt for it just from anywhere and at any time. React Native can be defined as the most prominent third position placed repository on GitHub. Facebook has declared its commitment to the niche of maintaining and protecting the React Native in the current and foreseen times. Developers thus can remain assured about the framework for developing the high profile apps also being as the healthy and the prominent open-source platform.

So, in case you are thinking about infusing the React Native standards to your mobile apps, it is just the perfect time to initiate. With so many benefits and so many companies it, React Native remains the right choice for developing enterprise mobility solutions. The enterprises can now think of developing the app both for iOS and Android for serving the large user base.

Since it is easy to use and free of cost, it has gained amicable traction in the niche of enterprise app development.

Summing Up

Top brands such as Facebook, Walmart, Bloomberg, etc are using the React Native at an amazing pace. The quality delivered by them is known to almost all users. The high profile display and the user interfaces are just amazing, thus there is absolutely no reason left, that why one must not opt for enterprise app development using the React Native in your app development ecosystem. Find the top aforementioned benefits associated with it and check out your next venture in the way you have dreamed of!!!

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Mobile and Web Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.


  1. React developers get significantly faster feedback during development than compared to traditional approaches because they don’t need to restart their packager to see every little change. With React Native a mobile app can be developed simultaneously for Android and iOS.


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