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Steve is an experienced executive focused on Customer Experience, with over 20 years of experience in developing leading strategies with hands-on execution. Prior to founding Waypoint Group, Steve was responsible for Solutions Development at Satmetrix, the co-developer of Net Promoter(R), where he assisted clients with implementing customer success and loyalty programs based on Net Promoter while also running Satmetrix' own Net Promoter program as a showcase of best practices and real results.

Is Your NPS Cheating You? (Part 1)

I have some sad news. If you are running a Net Promoter program in a B2B firm, your NPS isn’t being all that faithful...

Failure in B2B — Not with a Bang, but a Whimper

Failure isn’t pretty. From Motorola’s Iridium to Google Wave, business history is full of stories of huge, successful companies making some pretty bad decisions....

Best Practices in Customer Surveys: Does your Survey Add Value?

Most companies survey their customers. Whether its a periodic “relationship” or Net Promoter type of survey, an ongoing “transactional” survey that requests feedback...

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