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An innovator and thought leader, I have been advancing new services for people across the broad field of connectivity since long before the Web - - powerful interactive tools and media for human communication, collaboration, culture, and commerce. I have managed and consulted for businesses of all sizes, developed a variety of pioneering online services, and hold about 50 patents now licensed by over 200 companies (with more pending). I generally develop my work through Teleshuttle Corporation, in collaboration with partner companies. My work on FairPay is now being pursued as a pro-bono project.

The IoT Cloud of Value — New Big Data for a Customer-Centric Revolution

Beyond the Internet of Things (NYTimes 1/2/16), about Adam Bosworth's work at Salesforce, leads to the Salesforce Blog and what Bosworth refers to as...

Win-Win Customer Journeys — With Dialogs about Value

Competing on Customer Journeys is a very interesting article in the 11/15 HBR that presents an emerging marketing paradigm, one that provides just the...

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