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Emmanuel Trenche
Emmanuel Trenche is VP of Marketing Communications at clearCi, a competitive intelligence software company that helps businesses get the insights they need to compete. Emmanuel has served as Diversity Chair for the Greater Fort Lauderdale Advertising Federation, and has substantial experience in B2B marketing by working for brands like Wachovia, AT&T and Ecopetrol out of BogotÁ, Colombia.

Why Blackberry Is Too Slow and Unfit to Compete

BBM There's lots of buzz happening around the new Blackberry BBM app, but is this another late attempt to get back into the smartphone market?…

Five Reasons Marketers Fail at Competitive Intelligence, and Three Ways to Pass with “A”

Marketers, keep your friends close and your competitors closer. If competitive intelligence (CI) were a course, most of you would fail it miserably. A...

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