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Abhi Yadav
Abhi Yadav, Co-Founder and CEO of Zylotech is a passionate AI/ML technologist who loves to solve problems and build products that sit at the intersection of data, decision-making, and marketing. He has worked with numerous enterprise brands across the retail, technology and financial industries over the last decade to solve their complex Customer 360 category problems while building products and teams. He is an engineer with an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. A frequent speaker and writer on AI/ML, Customer Tech and Agile Marketing, follow him on Twitter at @abhishekyd.

Want to gain insights from customer data faster? Automate your data preparation process

Every business knows the value of customer data. However, customer data is not valuable until it is properly processed. Many companies take a DIY...

Self-Learning AI will Transform the Marketing Industry as we know it

Self-learning AI is becoming a crucial component of automated customer data platforms (Automated CDPs). Self-learning AI enables Automated CDPs to gather insights about customers...

Meet your customers on their terms with AI

Effective targeted marketing is built on knowledge of the customer. Attaining deep knowledge of the customer depends on knowing more than just the interactions...

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