Airline KLM Showcases Innovative Approach to Using Social Media


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I caught a really interesting video from European airline KLM showing how you can be innovative and engage with your customers via social media.

There’s a couple of interesting points about the approach KLM has taken with this campaign:

  1. Social media doesn’t need to be about prospective customers – there’s a lot of mileage to be gained from rewarding existing customers. I really liked the fact that KLM is seeking out and rewarding customers who’ve already given their money to the company. Too many social media campaigns are aimed at prospective customers, seeking to build new customers often at the expense of customer loyalty.
  2. It’s not all about upset customers – I know big companies are experts at upsetting customers – it’s nice to see a focus on customers who are sharing their journey an not necessarily upset at a vendor.
  3. We need to understand how much info we are putting into the social sphere – Whilst I can see the positives here I was also somewhat unsettled at how quickly KLM was able to identify, profile, and target a customer. We do need to be diligent because not everyone viewing or storing this data has good intentions

Overall, it’s a great effort from KLM


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