A template for estimating leads, opportunities and sales


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Most marketing plans, once you’ve outlined clearly what measurable goals and outcomes look like, should start with a spreadsheet. That spreadsheet should outline and/or predict what the business can expect in revenue and/or customer growth, from what initiatives, and at what volume/cost per initiative or channel.

Here’s a short summary of what this three-tabbed spreadsheet could look like.

The first tab is the most important, and doesn’t have to take long at all to complete. Below is a sample template you can use to either build a sales projection based on a set number of leads generated, or (with some formula adjustments) how many qualified leads are required to hit a particular sales expectation.

You’ll see this template assumes two different products (at different average price points), as well as an expected cost per qualified lead. This way you not only have broken down leads, new opportunities and sales required (or expected) per quarter or month, but you can also see how much it will likely cost to generate those leads.

Of course, you can make this model far more complicated. But might be a good place to start, at minimum to stress-test your current plan and assumptions.


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