A Detailed Guide to Types of Software Applications


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Software applications form the backbone of computer functions. All commands that instruct a computer what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, are performed by the numerous software applications that a computer has been loaded with.

Given the range of functions that a computer can perform, it is no surprise that there are a huge variety of software applications that exist.

Moreover, since computers are extremely influential in our day-to-day lives, the need for a software development company is felt a lot more extensively today, than in the past. So, in this article, we would like to take a look at the different types of software applications that exist today.

Types of Software Applications

Application software is one that is tasked to perform very specific functions in a computer. Here, we are going to take a look at the various kinds of application software that are found in a computer.

1. Presentation software

As the name suggests, these software applications are tasked by a software development company to help users present their thoughts in an efficient manner. Applications like Microsoft PowerPoint are great examples of presentation software that help users put together their thoughts in a clear format, using various tools. Such software apps enable users to create slides that can be filled with organized text, images, and video files to present to people.

2. Web browsers

Web browsers, in the current age of the internet, are an essential type of software application development. In simple words, a web browser is the window to the internet that connects a computer and its user to everything that is freely available (and not password protected) on the internet. Some well-known examples of web browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and others.

3. Multimedia software

Any software that allows users to create images or record videos is known as multimedia software. These types of software product development also allows the viewing of recorded or saved videos and images. Such software applications are especially important for animation and other similar purposes.

4. Educational software

Software applications are also very useful in the educational field. To conduct tutorials, and other training sessions, a lot of industries use educational software applications. For instance, an application like JumpStart titles or KidPix helps conduct such educational sessions with appropriate recipients. Institutions can even hire dedicated developers to create customized educational software.

5. Graphic design software

Editing a digital image or video is very easy today, with the use of graphic design software. Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio, and others are graphics software that result from software product development techniques that enable users to edit and modify images and videos.

6. Spreadsheet software

A spreadsheet is a software application that helps users carry out quick calculations using various tools. This software stores data in tabular formats in the rows and columns that intersect to form cells. These cells can store text, date, time, and numerical on which various calculations and functions can be performed.

7. Database software

Also known as a Database Management System, (DBMS) a database software helps users create and maintain a database and organize their stored data. When software development services create an application, it automatically creates and stores data. The DBMS helps the application retrieve the appropriate data and store it back once it is no longer in use. Some examples include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and others.

8. Word processing software applications

A word processor, as the title suggests, essentially helps users process and manipulate text. So, when a user writes a letter using an application like Microsoft Word (a word processing software), it lets users create text, modify it, and save it on their computers. It also allows for different fonts, styles, and other features that work with text.

9. Simulation software

Simulation software is used in a lot of fields to simulate life-like conditions. This is mostly useful in video games or training sessions for certain professions. In situations where the actual machinery cannot be operated without training, software development services can create a simulation software that allows trainees to get familiar with the setting before handling the actual machinery. For instance, when pilots or astronauts are trained, they are given some basic experience with the machinery with the help of simulation software applications.

10. Freeware Software

Freeware is freely available software that can be downloaded from the internet and used easily. These applications cannot be altered or customized, even if you hire dedicated developers to do the task, without illegally tampering with the codebase. An example is Adobe Reader that is freely available on the internet for downloading but only offers some limited functions without a premium plan.

11. Shareware Software

Shareware software application development encourages the sharing of software applications for free, for a limited time. Users are often encouraged to make copies and share them as they are given access to the source code of the software. Applications like WinZip and Adobe Acrobat are examples of this type of software application.

12. Open source software applications

Open-source software is one that has its source code freely available on the internet. This means that anyone can view the codes of the software and modify them to remove bugs or add features. Some open-source software apps may be free, like the Apache WebServer, while others have to be paid for.

13. Closed source software apps

Closed source software applications do not provide their codebase to be viewed freely, even if you have a premium plan. Most software packages in use today belong to this category. The software and mobile app development company that publishes the software holds exclusive intellectual property rights to their codebase.


Software applications have gone through numerous changes in the past, and today a software and mobile app development company can create software for various purposes. Therefore, as new needs arise, there is no doubt that software apps will continue to evolve to provide better and easier means of addressing all of our future technological needs.

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