5 Ways To Elevate Employee Satisfaction That Boost Customer Satisfaction


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Companies that measure their customer’s satisfaction are more likely to be successful than those who don’t. A company’s original resolution is to provide better customer service across individuals, groups, and organizations. Customer wellbeing has become the most crucial factor to consider when you want your business to grow. To achieve this feat, it’s vital to account for your employee’s satisfaction, who deals with customers directly or indirectly.

What Is The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is the measure that determines how happy your customers can be with your company’s products, competency, and services.

It acts as a primary difference that enables you to attract new leads in challenging business markets. Not only is it an excellent indicator that can measure customer loyalty and retention, but it also allows businesses to recognize unhappy customers reducing customer losses and negative perspectives while increasing revenue.

How Happy Employees Drive Customer Satisfaction?

“If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers, and your business will take care of itself.” ~ JW Marriott

Employee satisfaction forms an integral part of the elevated company culture. It is only achieved through employee engagement. It helps in driving their interest in their job and helps in successful bonding with the customers with positive energy. It is believed that happy employees provide more stellar customer support. This increases customer loyalty and experience, which eventually drives profitability for your business. On the other hand, poor employee satisfaction negatively impacts the company culture, ultimately affecting the customer experience.

Here are a few case studies that contribute to the fact that how employee engagement drives customer satisfaction:

1. The Demand Metric 2013 Employee Engagement Survey concluded that organizations that foster 50% employee engagement retained more than 80% of their customers.

2. A 2017 Aberdeen Research Report states that introducing a formal employee engagement program achieved 39% greater annual growth in revenue from new customers.

3. A Gallup survey of 50,000 employees highlighted that satisfied employees were successful in elevating their company’s reputation, retaining their existing customers, and attracting new ones.

Ways to elevate employee satisfaction for better customer experience:

1. Holistic Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness
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Employees are the backbone of the corporate world. They are the bridge between the organization and the customer. As an employee can influence the level of customer satisfaction as well, the wellbeing of your staff should be a top priority. Employee wellbeing correlates to every aspect of their working life.

The term wellness means more than employee health promotion; it also emphasizes developing one’s potential productivity, which contributes a positive impact on society. Employers need to provide wellness programs that foster the holistic wellbeing of employees.

2. Improve Employee Experience

Improve Employee Experience
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Employee experience is a journey throughout the work tenure within an organization. This begins from the starting of the job application until retirement. It is the accumulation of the entire learning process of emotional, cultural, and physical development of an employee. It is how your company creates, develops, and nurtures a holistic culture that’s employee-centric.

According to Deloitte’s survey, “80 percent of HR and business leaders confirmed that employees’ experience is the “most important” factor. Satisfied employees result in quality work and contribute to a productive work culture. They love what they do and welcomes all kinds of challenges that the role offers. This results in highly engaged employees that keep good relations with the customer. These happy employees focus more on improving every segment of the buyer journey and customer experience. This turns out in elevated customer experience, as each customer receives individual and customized attention from the company side.

3. Conduct Employees Feedback Sessions

Conduct Employees Feedback Sessions
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Do you feel the void of engagement among your employees? If yes, then your employees aren’t representing your organization well. Numerous records convinced that a dissatisfied employee is likely to provide average customer service or feedback. One way to know what your employees think is simply by asking them questions.

Employers can organize a pulse survey to identify employee issues, along with improvement measures within the organization. It is the best tool to get first-hand feedback from your employees about their job experience. Taking effective action to resolve their problems will help in boosting your employee’s morale and confidence. It pays more excellent benefits when your products and better services make their way to your customers. This will result in high levels of employee satisfaction and loyalty, driving a unique customer experience.

4. Provide Latest Resources

Provide Latest Resources
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Already Millennials are comprising the majority population of the workforce. But it is approximated that by 2020 20% of the workforce will include Generation-Z, popularly known as digital natives. Both of these generations are digitally driven and continuously lookout for opportunities to develop their career.

With the advancing technology, most of your workforce will like to update themselves with the latest gadgets and processes. This helps them to work smoothly and within less amount of time. As managers, it is vital to provide the necessary resources and development programs to keep them agile and productive. This will build employee’s loyalty for their organization that helps in gaining customer loyalty too.

5. Reward and Recognize your Employee’s Performance

reward your employees
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Motivated employees excel in their tasks. It is highly recommended to motivate them through rewards and recognitions. Several employee engagement platforms provide excellent employee perks to boost employee morale. It will also create healthy competition to get rewards and increase their focus, helping them perform better in their tasks. Also, success-driven employees make better customer relationships and gain support for the organization.

If your employees feel valued for their performance, they will show a greater willingness to assist your customers. They are likely to ensure that each customer interaction is handled with the high standards set forth by your company.


Customer satisfaction is the topmost goal of an organization. Even though customers drive your business successfully, what is more, important is who drives your customers towards your organization? Thus it isn’t the only factor for the growth of your organization. Your employee’s satisfaction plays importance to form a loyal customer base. Their performance highly depends on the engagement levels with your organization.


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