5 Things You Should Know About Millennials Before You Make An App


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Millenials ranging from the ages of 15 to 24 are always on their smartphones. So, it is normal for them to be very interested in mobile apps. However, the fact that they are considered the target audience for apps does not mean they are interested in all the apps. A recent survey showed that youths are mostly interested in app categories in health and fitness, games, social networking, music and movie, financial services and photo editors.

The youths are attracted to these apps for some reasons. Learning as much as you can about what apps they will help you during your app development project.

Five Things Know About Mobile App Development for Millennials

1. What Concerns Them?

Millenials of the above-stated age ranges are interested mainly in health and fitness apps, entertainment apps, an app for savings, education, dating and their career path. So, they focus on apps that are connected to their interests. Making a mobile app that meets these needs will be a good idea if your target audience is made up of millennials.

2. Find Out What They do with Their Spare Time

Millenials like to spend their free time with friends as a group doing one of their hobbies or any other fun things to do. So, they like apps that give group coupons and discounts for them to have fun together.

3. Consider Their Needs

Millenials seek to express themselves, get attention and affirmation from people and Social apps meets these needs. It gives them attention from other users and an opportunity to express themselves.

4. Their Anxieties

Indian millennials are very conscious about privacy because they don’t trust the government and financial institutions. So, they are interested in apps with user privacy. Make sure your app developer knows about this.

5. Their Daily Routine

It is safe to say a lot of millennials in India are students who go to schools and have courses. They still find time to have fun. Apps should have software that can be used to send notifications when they are free. It should also help them manage their time and propose fun stuff that would help them relax after their studies.

Now that you have seen why millennials are interested in these categories of apps, here are some things your app needs to appeal to millennials:

1. It Should Help Them Save Money

Since most millennials are students, it will be a good idea to make an app that will help them save time. They may not have a regular source of income and would also like to manage the little they have. Apps should be made to offer discounts and coupons for their services.

2. It Should Help Them Express Themselves and Make Them Look Good

Youths are very aware of their appearance and always want to look good. Apps should give them an opportunity to look how they want by deleting their flaws, so they can get more likes and be noticed.

3. It Should be Entertaining

Since these Millennials were born into technology and had used it all their lives, they are hooked on always being entertained. They are not only interested in games, movies or music for entertainment. Anything that looks interesting can keep them entertained.

4. It Should Help Them Express Themselves

Young people have free ideas and opinions and are constantly seeking ways in which their ideas can be heard. Mobile apps should be able to give them an opportunity to share their ideas with like minds anonymously without the fear of any penalty.

5. It Should Motivate Them to Pursue Their Purpose

Youths always struggle with knowing what their purpose in life is and seeking it. Apps should be able to motivate them and post the result to motivate other young people going through the same dilemma.

Mobile app development companies in India are known to work with you according to your needs.