15 iOS app development tools for 2020


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iOS shares an enormous part of the mobile market. The loyal customers of iOS necessitate the developers to invest in the iOS mobile app development. There is a huge investment being made over the ios development and for the last decade, iOS has taken a huge leap forward.

The plethoras of apps are today flourishing in the market, and mobile app development company are using different tools. Be it a simple or complex mobile app, it is essential to pick the correct mobile development platform.

Over the years, mobile app development platforms have leveraged the rapid development of powerful apps for both android and iOS. The mobile app development has gained immense momentum and gone through a massive transformation.

The development platforms allow developers to write the high-quality source code for building innovative mobile apps, which empowers the business and used millions of iPhones, iPad, and iPods.

15 IOS app development tools for 2020

Primarily, Apple’s platform was intended to be used over the compact devices where the mobile applications were created with the use of c and c++. The security has always been the top concern of iOS; therefore, always it is preferable to hire mobile app developers.

Today, the functionality of iOS is widely revered due to quality and optimum performance. The more advanced iOS supported applications are written using Swift and Objective C.

The increased use of Swift has pushed the attraction of iOS further for developers. The success of the application is largely dependent on the tools and the rapid growth of innovative technologies has necessitated timeless solutions.

The app launched today will certainly go old after two or three months. This way, before hiring an iPhone app developer for making the new age application, the proper set of tools is necessary.

Here, this article will throw light over the best iOS development tools. The important tools can be classified in several stages of development, for a different stage of development, different tools are recommended.

Here are some popular tools for iPhone app developers who can use for iOS app development in 2020:

  1. Jazzy
  2. SwiftDoc.org
  3. Dash
  4. Hyperion
  5. iOS console
  6. Raygun
  7. Firebase
  8. Helios
  9. Parse
  10. Dribble
  11. Haiku
  12. Flawless
  13. Source
  14. Gitkraken
  15. Working Copy

Jazzy: command-line utility

The command-line utility tool produces documentation for Objective C and Swift. The Clang AST and Source kit are used by Jazzy and it also uses the comments for the generation of better and accurate results.

Jazzy create the website with the documentation and underlying code. The simple output can then be installed over the dash document viewer.

SwiftDoc.org: Auto-generated documentation for Swift

Swift header file can be used to auto-generate the online documentation SwiftDoc.org. The online documentation SwiftDoc.org contains instance variables, subscripts, instance methods, and conditionally inherited items.

The tool allows developers in browsing global internally defined, types, operators, and protocols. This way it eliminates the need to command-click around header files.

Dash: instant offline access to 200+ API documentation sets

Dash is the most popular code snippet manager and the API documentation browser. The tools avail the offline access for 200 API documentation sets instantly.

Also, the developers can create their documents, and choose the documentation to be downloaded. The powerful tool Dash is integrated with third-party tools and available plugin.

Hyperion: In-app design review tool

Hyperion is the debugging solutions usually preferred by developers and iOS Development Company. The tool can be easily integrated into the iOS app.

The tool is designed and developed to discreetly sit behind your app and to be used for the program inspection. The developer can use that program to inspect whenever needed. The tool offers three plugins in default

  1. View Inspector: It checks the properties of the views.
  2. Measure Plugin: Measure Plugin measures the distance of two views.
  3. Slow Animation Plugin: This allows reducing the animation speed.

iOS console:iOS console log viewer for OS X

This is the log viewer for the details over the console and freely available for macOS. With iOS console, you can view console logs directly from the Mac system.

The tool lets you access the information logged from the connected device and supports the textual filtering. This makes it simple to find the log message. Also, the developer can set the marker on the log to find the place easily.

Raygun: iOS crash reporting tools

It allows monitoring the performance, which provides an easy mechanism to let developers know candid user experience for your app. Raygun is the software development kit and an online debugging tool for deep error diagnostic.

Raygun provides notifications and smart grouping, where it works alongside the current tools. One of the errors in your app are detected, they are shown on the dashboard with the detailed reports. A developer can view the user interaction through application and track the issues faced in individual sessions.

Firebase: Build apps fast, without managing infrastructure

Firebase is known as Backend service available over the cloud. Firebase works as the server, database, and API. Firebase tool mitigates the need to write the backend code. The developer can store the data and synchronize the overall data in real-time.

The Firebase synchronizes the data whenever any update occurs over any device. Whenever the data connection is not available, the app powered by Firebase synchronizes with the current state as it gains the data connectivity.

Helios: An open-source framework for mobile

The open-source framework Helios provides the essential backend services for empowering iOS mobile app development. Helios puts advanced features in an app such as data synchronization, push notification, Passbook integration, in-app purchases, and analytics. Rack web server interface is used to build the solution.

Parse: Network debugging tool

Parse is a famous open-source platform, which is used to build, host and manage the apps. The Parse solution is hosted over Amazon Web Services. Also, Parse supports queries optimizers, automated scaling, and automated backups.

Parse allows saving the objects over the cloud using few command-lines. The powerful backend platform delivers the number of features for swifter and easier backend development.

Dribble: A platform for iOS designers and professionals

Dribble is an amazing platform for iOS designers and professionals working over iPhone app development. The tool is considered the best among available iOS tools. Dribble provides hundreds of amazing designs and inspiring ideas for iOS app development, with a simple search of iOS.

These help in exploring the number of beautiful iOS icon designs, User interface elements, Screen design and let you see the work of other professionals.

Haiku: A design tool for animated and interactive user interfaces

If your requirement is interactive UI and animated design, Haiku is the best choice for you. The tool is oriented for generating the native code, which automatic updates in the iOS as you keep designing. The components of Haiku works amazingly well with other available codebases such as Vue, Vanilla and React.

Flawless: Flawless App is a macOS development tool

For comparing the expected or implemented app design in real-time, Flawless is the most recommended tool. Flawless is a third-party plugin, which works with iOS simulator.

It comes inside the Xcode. For comparing the designs, you need to place the old design on top of the fresh implemented design over the iOS simulator. It spots the visual difference and the developers can fix the differences immediately over there.

Source: Efficient code editor and git client for iOS devices

The source is an efficient code editor and git client for iOS devices. Source supports the syntax highlighting, that can be implemented over hundred of languages.

The tool is a git client where you can push, pull, commit and branch with specific integration available for Gitlab, Github and Bit bucket. Source provides the coding keyboard integrated. The keyboard is available with programming characters, which developers can use.

Gitkraken: The GitKraken Git Client is free for open source

Gitkraken can work over any platform and built over Electron. The tool can run over Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. Gitkraken is the standalone solution.

It works directly with the repositories and poses no dependencies after being installed on the system. The tool perfectly integrates with Bit bucket, Github, which allows searching and interacting with all repositories available publicly or privately.

Working Copy: powerful Git client for iOS that clones

Working Copy is another popular tool and Git client available for iOS. Working Copy allows cloning over Git repository along with pushing, editing, and committing, which is its unique feature.

Whereas other iOS Git apps allow working only with repositories that are hosted over popular services. With cloning repository, the developer can get the local copy with a commit for branches, similar to desktop systems. Here also, the developer can browse and make changes within the app.


iOS development is on high today and there are several powerful tools available for iOS development. The tools can be used for different stages for perfect development. First, hire an iOS developer and then ask for its comfortable tools. The above tools are some of the most popular tools by iOS app development companies.

You must ask the developer before hiring an iOS app developer because of the comfort level of the developer works best for the success of the project. Last but not least, there are many mobile app developers for hire where you must first take the skills test and then hire for your project. Otherwise, the tool does not guarantee perfection.

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