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Avoiding B2B One-Night Stands

Blog post by on August 1, 2014

We’ve all probably done this: a business that sells to business customers offers a special deal or promotion to attract new business or to liquidate inventory, and then is unable to convert those bargain hunters into loyal, repeat customers.

Why I Love Apple’s Customer Service

Blog post by on July 4, 2014

I live an hour and a half away from the nearest Apple Store, so I really value the ability to solve most problems that arise with my Apple products using Apple’s great phone support. Apple was the first company in my experience to offer immediate “call back” for product support.

Contemplating Amazon’s Fire Phone

Blog post by on June 27, 2014

I haven’t gotten my hands on the new Amazon Fire Phone yet, so I can’t really comment on its most dramatic feature: what Jeff Bezos refers to as “Dynamic Perspective” – the 3D effect of its unique …

Amazon’s Faux Pas Comes at a Bad Time

Blog post by on June 15, 2014

This week Amazon announced Amazon Prime Music—1 million songs/tracks available for free for Amazon Prime users. The company also announced more seamless integration between listening and reading to e-books. You can be reading on one device, hop …

Can IBM Deliver Customer Clouds?

Blog post by on April 3, 2014

We all walk around with the cloud in our pockets. Our mobile devices are our connection to the cloud. Computing resources, networking resources, storage, content, applications, and even business processes now run using cloud computing. That means …

What Matters Most in Customer Self-Service?

Blog post by on March 16, 2014

Both consumer and business customers rely heavily on Web self-service channels when they have a problem. Recent surveys of customers engaged in self-service activities have surfaced some interesting results. Here are a few of the highlights: Many …