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Can IBM Deliver Customer Clouds?

Blog post by on April 3, 2014

We all walk around with the cloud in our pockets. Our mobile devices are our connection to the cloud. Computing resources, networking resources, storage, content, applications, and even business processes now run using cloud computing. That means …

What Matters Most in Customer Self-Service?

Blog post by on March 16, 2014

Both consumer and business customers rely heavily on Web self-service channels when they have a problem. Recent surveys of customers engaged in self-service activities have surfaced some interesting results. Here are a few of the highlights: Many …

Customer Clouds: The Next Big IT Battleground

Blog post by on March 8, 2014

“Best of” Customer Cloud Articles We’ve been writing a lot recently about “Customer Clouds.” It’s a term we coined. And it’s a movement we’re fully behind. Most of you rely on us for thought leadership around customer-impacting …

Open Letter to Microsoft’s New CEO

Blog post by on February 17, 2014

I don’t believe I’ve met Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO. But I do know Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and John Thompson (the chairman of the board). I like the new management team. I’ve been disinterested in anything …

Why CABs Shouldn’t Be Run by Marketing

Blog post by on January 22, 2014

If there’s one thing your organization could do in 2014 that would make the biggest difference to its success, it’s this: Move your Customer Advisory/Advocacy leader out of Marketing and/or Sales. Have Customer Advocacy and Customer Advisory …

Wearable Tech for Elders?

Blog post by on January 11, 2014

Wearable technology created the biggest buzz at the Consumer Electronics Show—from cameras, to ear buds, to glasses, to jackets, to shoes and socks—all with sensors that gather info and stream info to and from the wearer in …