Why Social Media Is The Fertile Soil for Post-Pandemic Marketing


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Why social media is considered the place where brands can build their influence, you may wonder. It is a circulatory system bringing the blood (information) to everyone’s home, mind, and heart through funny and touching content. It’s also a perfect medium for connecting with people, building trust, making art, and marketing your brand.

Like any other system in the world, social media has some limitations. However, it provides enough freedom for companies to run post-pandemic marketing to build a friendship with followers and give them a helping hand in uncertainty. Here I’m sharing some views on why social networks are the most fertile soil for modern marketing and how brands can use them to build trust with a target audience.

A powerful way to bring positivity to scary times

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Pexels

No one is sure about tomorrow. Things around us have become messy and unpredictable. They hide a silent possibility of danger to our lives. At least, that’s how it looks like to the majority. Although people are used to watching these pre-apocalyptic realities, we still feel psychological tension and even fear deep inside. And it’s absolutely fine. If there is a danger, there is a normal fear too.

Social media is a place where brands can bring positivity to their communities in these scary times. We appreciate informative content; it’s true. However, pandemic reality has made us love humorous and positive content even more. From kids to adults, people are looking for more sunshine on social media today.

It’s not easy to be funny, especially when the world continually lives in the mode of uncertainty and challenges. Brands that found their own way of being funny for their social media audience, accessed the huge power of influence and popularity in the online world.

Bringing entertainment to those bored at home

Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels

Companies should consider social networks as the main entertainment channels for their customers, exhausted by coronavirus restrictions and locked at their home “prisons.” Social media offers businesses endless opportunities to laugh through the hardships together with their customers.

As a trend in these pre-apocalyptic times, black humor can add the necessary spices to the content and attract customers. Not necessarily the black one, different types of humor and sarcasm on social media can help companies become the primary source of fun and entertainment for their audience. An excellent example is The Washington Post (@washingtonpost), which has started a powerful engine of fun on TikTok.

Customer entertainment is not just the company’s way of being cool for its followers. It’s a kind of support and care for those bored at home.

Connecting humans to get through this together

Integrity, inclusion and diversity: these values are trending on social media today. People want to connect with each other. No one wants to stay alone. We want to share, communicate, interact, and co-create our reality.

“AirDrop bluntly reminding us just how single we are. 😢” – @threeuk on Instagram

Social media is a great place for jokes about our “artificial loneliness” during a lockdown. The spirit of integrity and inclusion attracts people since we all want to belong to the community, even if it’s online. Brands can give it to their followers on social media. Don’t promote your products, build a loyal community around your company instead. Conversions will come organically later.

Social media influencers — the icons of resilience

We talk about equity in the media, and it’s amazing. But we can also admit that there are always leaders among us. We’re equal because everyone can become the leader, and we’re unequal because there are a few who dare to do it. There are a few who can overcome their personal challenge. We follow the leaders because they have already done something that we haven’t yet done. And they inspire us to bring it to reality.

The power of social media influencers is rising in the post-coronavirus world because they have stayed resilient to challenges and continued doing what they usually do. People love them as friends, follow them as authorities, and they trust influencers as those who want to help them.

Brands can collaborate with social media influencers to participate in these close and natural relationships with a target audience. Influencer content is an organic way to enter the customer’s trust circle. Different types of influencer marketing software can help you find the right influencer who targets the same audience as you do. The tight match of the influencer’s and brand’s audiences in terms of demographics, interests, and values matters a lot.

The medium for an honest dialog with the audience

Today’s challenges made us talk to each other more openly. Who knows, it’s probably because we finally realized that we’re mere mortals. It’s a social miracle that needs watering all the time. Let’s make it a trend since we all are those who dictate trends.

Every social media post is an opportunity to start an honest and very open dialog between a brand and its followers.

KFC UK & Ireland on Twitter

Don’t miss a chance to set more human connections with your target audience because we are more ready for it than ever before. It’s not a shame to discuss the weaknesses because they often turn into the object of our own fun. It’s not a shame to share your desires and dreams because all of us have them.

A place for socially responsible product marketing

Social media is a place where brands can give an empathetic response to COVID-19 challenges and raise the customer’s mood. Every company is responsible for providing safety for its employees and customers. There is also another important social obligation – to popularize health safety measures among its followers on social media. This is how businesses can grow social consciousness of the current pandemic situation.

Brands, land the right seeds into the soil!

I sincerely hope this article was helpful for you. That’s not a social media marketing guide, but just several thoughts collected together to bring some inspiration for brands and marketing wizards. If social media is the soil, your brand ideas and marketing messages are the seeds. Be sure you choose them correctly, as they can affect the minds of the thousands in your online community.

Dana Kachan
Dana Kachan is the author, keynote speaker, marketing consultant, and startup advisor. She has been consulting tech startups and established companies in the United States, Singapore, Poland, Israel, and Ukraine. Dana has been a guest marketing speaker at the World Digital Weeks 2021 and European Digital Week 2020. She is also a co-author of the book "Business-Driven Digital Product Design."


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