Why Going Green Can Have a Positive Impact on Attracting Customers


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More and more, customers are becoming increasingly aware of the human impact on the environment and the sustainability issues we face. This growing consciousness is leading to the rise of many trends from waste-free living to eliminating plastic use. These trends demonstrate the fast-changing market and customers pressure for transparency – both huge challenges that companies must face.

The Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report found that 66% of survey respondents stated they are willing to pay more for sustainable goods. And, a further study conducted by Harris Interactive found that 82% of adults claim to be well informed about brands with a strong track record for sustainability. Therefore, those businesses wishing to thrive, attract and retain customers must step up to these new challenges and take a step to adapt and change towards a sustainable economy.

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Here’s how implementing an eco-friendly system in your business will help you to attract and retain customers.

Become a Leader

Let’s be honest, creating and maintaining an eco-business is perceived as a huge headache – with most people think going green is highly inconvenient and costly. However, don’t be fooled so easily as there are mostly benefits from taking this step. Becoming eco-friendly business cuts costs, preserves the environment, and catches the customers attention.

Customers are starting to notice which businesses are making the effort and leading the change, and those that are maintaining their wasteful practices. In fact, according to a Nielsen study the “greener generation” are 13% more likely to choose a more expensive but environmentally-friendly product or service over standard industry goods and services.

Businesses that jump on the opportunity to capitalize on this new demand have a great opportunity to establish themselves in the market as an environmentally conscious business – which will drastically reduce costs, and attract many customers.

Cut Energy Use

A good way to build up your green credibility is by embracing renewable energy to power up your establishment. Coal and natural gas are some of the biggest contributors to global warming, and cutting your energy use, is not only cost-saving but also helping you contribute to building a greener society.

With countless types of companies in the market, going green will mean taking different steps and measures. Luckily, now there are many environmentally friendly solutions on the market that help companies minimize their carbon footprint. You can start going green by using alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power or even switch to energy-efficient computers, and other electronics. Also, you can look at moving basic work applications such as email, data backup, and accounting to cloud-based services – which will save you tons on power costs and effectively helping you improve your bottom line.

With customers becoming increasingly aware of their own carbon footprint, and looking out for the footprint of others, if your company is wasting non-renewable resources, you’ll find a lack of customers turning to your solution.

Competitive Advantage

With Gen X and Gen Y customers opening up new types of markets, going green has immediate payoffs for any business. First, they gain a rapid competitive advantage, and second, they manage to enhance their reputation thereby attracting and retaining all those green advocates. Therefore, those that haven’t embarked on the “going green” train will find themselves quickly ceasing to matter.

In this day and age, the world is facing an impending environmental crisis – we are already feeling the start of it, with the polluted oceans and CO2 emissions. To make matters worse, we’re continuing to cause damage to mother earth. Now, we’ve reached the stage that one person alone choosing to make a change isn’t enough, companies taking a leading role on this endeavor really goes a long way and sets a strong example for others.

More so, green advocates prefer to purchase from companies that are taking active steps towards change and show that they hold the same environmental values. These businesses will find that more and more customers are turning to their services and forgetting about unsustainable businesses – even if they turn out to be the cheaper option.

Final Note

With the environmental changes taking place, going green is a step that companies will have to take sooner or later – luckily it has many benefits. Those that advocate for green practices understand the favorable outcomes that result from these steps.

Eco-friendly companies can not only cut costs, greatly improve their reputation, and help the environment, all the while attracting customers – all by making minor changes such as reducing energy.

Sounds like a win-win situation, wouldn’t you think?


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