Top Software Trends Not to Ignore in 2019 and Beyond


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Software Trends 2019


Software development is every growing field and the industry always keeps stepping forward for the adoption of new technologies. What started with a simple website development has now reached the complex apps running over small smartphones. There is always a topic of debate and discussion about the software trends among custom software development companies and enthusiasts whenever a year starts because every year, numerous new trends and technologies in software come and go and only a few are important enough to hold and to be focused on for further development. In the year 2019, some software trends came into buzz which is not meant to be ignored not only this year but also in the coming years.

There are some of the important trends which have become generic over the time with the growth of PWA development company, but growing ahead with the time and not sticking to the same is the key for long term.

Some of the software trends which have evolved as the most discussed topics of the year are as follows:

1) AI Development:

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which can be defined as the assumption of human intelligence processes by machines. It is an application part of the machine learning process which focuses on the simulation of human decision making. This process includes learning, reasoning and self-correction. AI development has been into the trend for several years and will continue to be in trend because of its wide applications in both small as well as large scale development. The reason due to which artificial intelligence is on top of the software trend is the continuous engagement of the user in this area and the efficiency provided by it which is unbeatable.

2) Progressive Web Apps:

Progressive web apps acronymed as PWAs are the applications which have been designed by combining all the advantageous parts of the web as well as native applications and has been around since the year 2015. These are very useful and handy applications which run using HTTPS. They have a service worker and a web manifest is mandatory in order to run the progressive web applications. PWAs improve user experience, speed, app performance and also increase conversions to a large extent. Push notifications can be loaded and also they come with the advantage of download into the home screen. There has also been a tremendous increase in PWA development companies.

3) Blockchain Technology:

Focusing beyond custom website development, A blockchain is a list of records which is growing continuously and is developed and maintained using the technology of cryptography. It is a central record which is used to store records of transactions across many computers so that transparency shall be maintained. It can easily simplify complex transactions like that of banks, factories, and financial industries. Blockchain takes control of all the data and supports users’ safety and privacy. Also, it prevents tampering and altering of data to maintain clear records. Blockchain technology is active and is continuing to progress with each passing day and is predicted to take over small commercial markets too in coming years.

4) Automation and DevOPs:

DevOPs is made up of two different words dev and ops highly revered by custom software development company. Dev means development especially software development and Ops indicates engineers comprising viz system engineers, network engineers, system administrators, database administrators and all the staff and employees who work in the IT industry. It can be defined as the practice made by all the employees in a complete cycle of development of software. Automation enables the team to include virtual employees in their project which help in reduced costs and increased efficiency. It is much quicker and comprises fewer errors as compared to conventional methods of software development. It is one of the most prominent development methodology been adopted by the development teams. There is great detail about DevOps, but it is out of context this time.

5) Modernization:

Modernization has come into a trend because of the evolution of re-platforming technology. Re-platforming is basically a process by which any e-commerce site can be moved from one platform to another. This can prove very beneficial because if the previous platform becomes outdated, simple migration to another platform can be cost-efficient, fast and also can be of high accuracy. This also helps in preserving assets during migration.

6) Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity can be defined as the process of protection of computer or another device from damage or theft. Cybersecurity includes protection against software, hardware as well as electronic data. With the advancement in technology, cyber threat has also increased. Every industry is increasing its reach on the internet giving more chances and access to important data. Thus the importance of cybersecurity has increased over the years exponentially. With different layers of cybersecurity, one can protect his/her data from theft and external tampering.

7) IoT:

IoT stands for internet of things. It can be explained as the system of several interrelated electronic devices, computer systems, animals or persons that are provided with unique identifiers with the ability to transfer data at a very high speed and with massive accuracy without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Most people are familiar with this technology as it has been proved to be a great invention as it is more convenient, time-efficient, cost-efficient and also easy to implement and use as compared to other processes. Industrialists have shown great interest in this technology and thus it is predicted to have a promising future in the coming years.

8) Microservices:

Microservices is known to be a software development technique which came into trend in the years 2018-2019. In this technology, all the services have lightly weighted that means are divided into small discrete parts and are finely grained which makes it easy to understand, increases modularity, decreases complexity and also enables continuous delivery and deployment. This technology is more agile and flexible and thus gaining the attention of enthusiasts all over the world and trending in 2019 and will be continuing to trend in the coming years. Custom app development companies are using this technology to reduce the complexity of apps.

9) Outsourcing:

Outsourcing is termed as consulting external bodies for services. With the advancement in technology and the requirement of skilled employees in limited capital investment has increased tremendously. Outsourcing helps in providing various services to the firm with great accuracy, minimized cost and exceptional skills. Whether it is managing customers worldwide with different languages or helping in recruiting skilled employees for the company, outsourcing helps in each and every service and thus in trend from a really long time. Software outsourcing has been a compulsion for various companies because of continuous engagement and lack of time to do the additional works.

10) Mixed Reality:

Mixed reality is the combination of physical reality and digital reality which is recently gaining all the attention of the digital audience. It has been experimented in various fields and now being used in online shopping and online home improvement. It has tremendously increased the user experience showing real-time images and connecting the digital and real-world so perfectly. Mixed reality is well known for its high potential in the coming years and is going to be in trend for a long time.


These are some software technologies which topped the trends in 2019 and have shown the public a promising future in the coming years as they 0have much scope of development and improvement. Custom website development companies have also started working on these technologies for better user experience. Apart from this, there is great development going on, which can improve the development process and can make the product more successful. Trending with the upcoming requirement is the tool to stay contemporary.

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Mobile and Web Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.


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