The Positive Power of Personalization


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If you stop and think about it, it is quite easy to see why personalization = profit.

Do you want to feel like a number, or like a cow being herded through a turnstile?

Or would you prefer interactions that are personalized, unique and make you feel like you are the only person in the world?

I think it is pretty obvious everyone would prefer the latter.

How about fake?

Do you like interactions or experiences that are fake?

Of course not. But, how many do we suffer on a daily basis?

Do you crave interactions that are authentic?

I think speed is one of the most important commodities today.

Would you rather have an interaction that is slow or would you prefer to get the result you are after quickly?

Obviously, today more than ever, speed is important!

Do you like interactions that are crappy, boring and painful? Or do you prefer interactions that are fun and fulfilling?

Do you like places of business that are full of policies, procedures and hassles to getting what you want?

Or do you crave doing business with people and organizations that have learned to create hassle free interactions?

It is obvious what you would want given these alternatives.

Here is the killer question: What do you think your customers want? What do you think your employees want? Are you giving it to them?

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