Social Media for Small and Medium Businesses: Tied House Brewing Case Study


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Increase in sales of ½ pints of beer on Thursday nights from 45 to 300-350 using Social Media channels to promote this offering.


Sales revenue growth 10% for the year vs projected 3% due to increased customer awareness and engagement via social media channels.

About Tied House Brewing:

Family owned and operated since 1988 local micro-brewery in Mountain View, Ca.

Main Social Media Channels used:

Twitter and Facebook.


use of free tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Fan Pages Analytics, Google Alerts to monitor and analyze social media activities.

Here is my interview with Carolyn Hopkins, Director of Marketing and Events at Tied House Brewing – the master mind behind social media strategies and execution!


  1. Carolyn gave a great overview of how she’s worked Tied House into the social media. A few snippets which stood out to me:

    1. Without really understanding what would happen and knowing that it was something that took time to build, the family owners backed her to get going.
    2. She made the point a few times that they don’t need to go through the old channels, advertising, chamber of commerce, and flyers on the street.
    3. Her demographic expected things to be online – webcentric, and it seems so obvious looking in that these aren’t going to be the folk at the chamber of commerce, but hard to make this jump at the time.
    4. She uses Twitter to talk beer and breweries, and to watch for the “hair in the soup”
    5. Uses Linkedin to connect with people in the business and industry and talk the industry.
    6. Uses Facebook for a bit of both, and uses the analytics of FB seriously to measure engagement and “what works”.
    7. “Twitter is the most exciting platform out there right now”

    And I loved her trailing off when she started to explain Twitter and then said “Twitter, umm, if you don’t understand it well that’s fine…” trailing off – we’ve all had that experience as we saw the eyes glazing over!!!

    Walter Adamson @g2m
    Certified Social Media Consultant
    Melbourne, Australia
    My social spaces and places:

  2. Great comments, Walter!

    This was exactly my point and reason why I decided to interview Carolyn:
    – ANY company can start engaging in Social Media;
    – no expensive tools required;
    – start slowly, learn, listen, grow;
    – be natural, engaging, fun!

    These types of case studies – told by the people from within small businesses – are invaluable in getting more SMBs engaged with their audience via social media channels!


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