SAP: Why CRM is dead, NRM is alive.


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I am slowly catching up on getting all the videos from 2009 meetups uploaded.

This one is from our meetup where we hosted Marco ten Vaanholt, Vice President SAP Community Network, Global Head SAP Business Process Expert (BPX) Community, Global Head SAP Business Objects (BOC) Community.

As you can see from the title – quite a controversial topic – is CRM really dead? Will Network relationship management act as a replacement to CRM??

You decide.

But here are some highlights from Marco’s talk:

– it takes time to build communities;

– content is a king;

– content should be very relevant to the community members;

– community engagement manager – connects more people, “connector”;

– community evangelist – subject matter expert – can go into in depth discussions on certain topics;

– self-moderation is a goal; can almost get there when community reaches critical mass [few hundred people], but some governance still needed;

– there are some measurements that should be used to access the value of communities: net promoter score, support calls deflection, etc..

– need to come up with the recognition model. For SAP communities – points. Discussed with community members what do they want to do with points – donate to a cause. In 2008 300,000 euros were donated to the World Food Organization to provide lunch for kids at schools in developing countries; in 2009 – micro-financing.

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