Reasons To Create A Twitter Account For Companies


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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks where people can share opinions on any topic or news they consider important or simply choose their State and be connected with friends. But Twitter can not only be used for this purpose. It serves as a great tool that you can include in your marketing strategy. If you are still unsure of the benefits you can get when using Twitter for your business, we mention the main reasons why you should seriously consider creating a Twitter account for companies in this article.

It is ideal to announce a new service or promotion

Twitter is the perfect place to promote a new service or announce a special discount. To make this advertising even more effective, it is advisable to include an image that illustrates the ad, that is, to choose an image that matches the message you are transmitting. It is also necessary to place the link to the website in case users want to get more information about the promotion or announcement.

Finally, you should make sure you publish the notice at the time when most of your audience is on Twitter. To find out what is the right moment to carry out promotions, you just have to observe the behavioral patterns of your clients. Remember to be careful when choosing the words you will place in the message, as well as the labels.

You can use it to communicate with your customers

Twitter is a perfect platform to offer customer service and address complaints. If you have an account on this social network, your users will likely use it to send queries, questions, and complaints.

The reason why Twitter has become the first choice of users when contacting a company is that they want a quick response and on Twitter, they can send any query or even file a complaint whose probability of becoming viral is high. Users also know that the speed of responses on Twitter is higher.

On Twitter, you can even offer assistance to those who are not your customers and answer their questions. In this way, you can ensure that shortly, they will likely become customers. And if your response rate is high on Twitter and you can attend to most questions and complaints, many of your prospects will decide to be customers because they already know the quality of assistance and support you offer.

You can contact influential people

Twitter is an excellent tool not only to communicate with your customers but also to get in touch with other people, such as those influential on Twitter. Of course, you should ally only with people who are related to the industry to which you belong so that.

You can start by mentioning them in your posts on Twitter or sharing content that they have published. You can also choose to ask them relevant questions to the area they are dedicated to or answer any questions they may have. The objective is to get to know the work of that person so that you can identify yourself as a “partner”. Once you know each other better, you can propose an alliance or you can simply recommend the content they publish if you find it interesting.

It can serve as an additional source of information

Due to the large amount of information presented on Twitter, it is not only ideal for placing your content, but also for sharing content from other companies such as blog articles or even news that have a direct impact on the business category to which you belong. Since a small company can’t publish content several times a day, you can choose to select content from another company and share them. Of course, this is a task that will also take time, particularly if you have just launched your Twitter account and are not yet following other companies that might be relevant.

In addition to finding out about the latest news related to your company, you can use Twitter to obtain information from your users or customers through surveys. This resource can be very useful if it is an online store that has the possibility of offering products again.

You can perform actions to win a greater number of users

Apart from sharing important news for your users and publishing your content, there are other actions you can perform on Twitter such as a contest. To organize a successful contest, you will need to create a form so that participants can register. Remember that the participation process must be simple. In most contests, users participate only by placing the form in their posts. You could also ask them to upload a photo or answer a certain question. There are several possible variations, as long as entering the contest is simple.

You can also share content from your users that contain some keywords related to your company. This action not only serves to generate publicity but also to gain the empathy of other clients. Sharing your users’ content has a meaning that can often be considered personal, that is, as an additional effect it could cause users to feel closer to the brand.

In conclusion

Twitter is a platform that you can not only use to gain a greater online presence, but also to communicate with your customers and form new business relationships. There are several uses you can give Twitter and great benefits you can get by including it in your marketing strategy, so you should consider creating a Twitter account and staying active in this popular social network.


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