Providing an easy-to-read Customer Experience


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Bruce Temkin comments on a report over at Customer Experience Matters about the concept of Cognitive Fluency, an encapsulated by the idea that : “it turns out that people prefer things that are easy to think about to those that are hard”.

Through numerous psychological studies, it has been found that clear, legible type leads to increased honesty and openness, whilst questions presented in harder to read text leads to increased time processing the answers. Bruce covers the rest of the findings, including some experiences with Forrester Reviews.

What the post highlighted for me, was the level of detail involved in perceptions and engagement in every Customer Experience. Your organisation may have a large amount of time and budget for perfecting the type on your product or packaging, but does it put the same effort into feedback forms and terms and conditions? How easy is it to find the right number to ring Customer Services on? When you design, plan and implement your Customer Experience, do you think how best the process and presentation works for your organisation, or how it best benefits your customers?


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