Picking The Perfect Landing Page Colors For Your Niche


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“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

This quote by Wassily Kandinsky speaks volumes about the impact color has on people’s lives. Even the most mundane of decisions, like picking the shirt you are going to wear today, is closely connected with color.

Successful entrepreneurs recognize this power and use it to better communicate messages. Color helps them connect with clients and customers on a more personal level.

In online marketing, this means a suitably colored landing page will lead to a higher conversion rate. Of course, this goes beyond just the background color. It refers to the color of the hero image, the borders, the buttons, and the popups.

The Persuasive Power of Color

It’s important to keep in mind that persuasion is connected to emotion. So, to persuade potential consumers to buy your product you have to cater to their emotions. And believe it or not, the best means to do so is not words, nor images, but color.

Yes, color is crucial when it comes to creating a positive image in consumers’ minds. Also, color is a great memory trigger. This is why it is important to carefully pick out the dominant color for your landing page and make sure it constantly reappears. That way, people will start recognizing your brand, and will know what to expect.

Now, when it comes to picking the right color for the right target audience, there are many factors to consider. From color psychology, to colors combination, to shades and tints. We did our homework and managed to compile a list of the 10 most popular niches and the colors which complement them.

1. Health and Wellness

Due to the fact that green is the color of nature, it is often associated with balance, health, and wellbeing. Moreover, it is said to be the color of vitality and renewal. So, if your website is about outdoor activities be sure to implement green elements in it.

Also, it being related with safety, makes green the perfect color for advertising medical products and drugs. And if this is not enough, green is credited with being the most restful color for the human eye to view. It has a calming and effect and helps the brain relax. All in all, it is safe to say any website related to health and wellness should use green in its landing page.

2. Making Money Online

When someone says green, it’s not only an image of sea and lush nature that pops to mind. This color also triggers the image of wealth, and the very word “green” is oftentimes used to refer to money. This has to do with the color of paper money in North America.

So, if your business includes sales courses, marketing tactics, and advice on how to boost traffic, this color will reinforce the idea of earnings.

One such website is kyvio. Kyvio’s field of expertise is around helping people make money using landing pages. For that reason, their landing page, as well as their logo, have green elements. Even their  informative blog posts are true to the green color pattern, with customized images and green headings.

3. Dating

When doing our research, we stumbled across the telegraph’s post The 20 best dating apps, and guess what? Each and every one of these landing pages is either blue, or contains blue elements in it.

This color gives people a sense of stability and it represents trust, loyalty, and confidence. The three most important things in the dating niche. It is also a color which can be used a lot without overpowering the eyes of the visitor. A good feature bearing in mind people will probably scroll a lot to find their perfect match

4. Travel

When it comes to travel, the image which pops to mind is blue skies and wide seas. This is why websites like booking.com, priceline, and hipmunk all have blue elements on their landing pages.

So, regardless of whether you plan on writing a blog or create a website for adventurous souls, blue is the color you should use the most.

5. Self Development

“The sky’s the limit.” This is one of the most commonly used phrases by motivational speakers. And since the color of the sky is blue, a website focusing on self improvement should also depend on this color for better conversion.

Apart from conveying a sense of security and trust, blue is the color which represents our aspiration for personal growth..

6. Food

If your target market is foodies and people who love to cook, then red is the color to go with. Think about your favorite fast food chain restaurants. What do Applebee’s, Chili’s, In-N-Out, KFC, and McDonald’s have in common besides great comfort food? The red in their logos.

This is so, because other than being the color of love and Christmas, red also inspires hunger. It’s for a reason sites like foodnetwork,one of the leaders on the market, have red logos and red elements on their landing pages.

7. Parenting

Red is the color of excitement, courage, and warmth. And being a parent unifies these three sensations. The idea of having a baby is exciting, a parent has to be courageous, and there is an inexplicable warmth that people feel towards babies. So, if you want to run a website on parenting and babies, red should definitely take place on your landing page.

Be careful not to overuse it though, because red is also associated with danger. Instead, balance it with a pastel color, pastel blue for boys, and pastel pink for girls. Or better still, take advantage of this quality of red.

Remember, danger makes us think fast, and with that make quick decisions. So, use red for ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Click Here’ buttons to stimulate people to click on them.

8. Technology 

The landing pages in this niche are pretty simple when it comes to color. White background and black elements. This is so because the contrast of black and white is the easiest for most people to read, and the message can be conveyed with ease.

Black is also considered to be a sophisticated color and one preferred by learned people. So, if you are looking to run a tech site, don’t go overboard with color, remember less is more.

9. Creativity

Almost all the websites that make up the list the 10 Websites to Fuel your Creativity, have a black tint, be it in their header, banner, or the headline. The combination of black and white is not only simple, but also classic. The white space creates a sense of freedom, and the black elements add sophistication. The website can be seen as the white canvas for the artist to express his/her creativity on.

10. Women’s Fashion and Beauty

If your target audience is girls and women, then your landing page should contain pink and purple respectively. Since pink is a color which represents fun, excitement, and youthfulness, young girls and teenagers are drawn to it. So, you can use pink to promote children’s and teenage products.

Purple, on the other hand, is related to royalty and sophistication. Being a blend of passionate red and tranquil blue, this color abounds with luxury, quality, and spirituality. If your site caters to strong, independent women, consider using the color purple.

Research shows pink is a color associated with less expensive products, and products which are trending. Whereas purple is reserved for the more sophisticated, more expensive products.

Some Statistics to Help You Out

The marketing world is divided when it comes to the relevance of color psychology. So, here are some statistics on color preference by gender and age which might help you out.

Contrary to popular belief, males and females have similar color preferences. According to a 2003 University of Washington research project conducted by Joe Hallock, both sexes are big on green and blue. Also, both males and females dislike orange and brown.

The discrepancy appears with purple. It enters the top three favorite colors for women, it enters the top three least favorite colors for men. As both genders age, the green color decreases in preference. Similarly, the orange color becomes even more disliked. Other surveys show that 75 percent of pre-adolescent children like purple better to all other colors.


The main takeaway here is color is one of the most important factors which influence the success of your page, and it is not to be taken for granted. Of course, the color list above is not definitive, and everything said here should be subject to test.

Choose the color you think best fits and use it for a trial period. This way you’ll know whether you sealed the deal or should continue the search for the right landing page color. In case you are just starting out, find out what the hottest niches for 2018 are, pick the color for your landing page and get to work.


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