Marketing on Twitter – Four styles compared


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Ever wondered what all these gurus, brands and organisations are doing on Twitter? Everyone has an end goal for using Twitter as a marketing tool, but there are so many different strategies. Which is the most effective, and which best suits your organisation?

Jason Falls, over at Social Media Today, has created a great summary of the different styles of marketing on Twitter, along with examples of accounts and the pros and cons of the various strategies. The four styles vary from what most people consider true conversation between consumers and brands to just spamming followers with a message. Jason lists the four styles as:

  • The Conversationalist
  • The Conversational Marketer
  • The Salesman
  • The spammer Broadcaster

Each strategy presents a different customer experience to anyone that encounters your twitter account. Remember that you don’t have to follow an account to see how they are using Twitter. What customer experience do you want to portray to people when they look at your account?

Head over to Jason’s original post to see his breakdown and examples of the different styles.


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